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    Contemporary terrorism in Syria through political cartoons  [Article]

    Flores Borjabad, Salud Adelaida (Universidad de Sevilla, 2019)
    The development of terrorist groups have been an extremely important issue after the civil war in Syria. However, the image of Arab and Islamic society has been transformed into an evil vision. In contrast, the development ...
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    Communication and advertising in NGDOs: Present and future  [Article]

    Román-San-Miguel, Aránzazu; Díaz-Cruzado, Jesús (Universidad de Sevilla, 2019)
    Non-Governmental Organizations for Development (NGDOs), as part of the Third Sector, coexist in society with large business conglomerates, trade unions, public entities, etc. that use communication to improve their bottom ...
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    How the digital age has changed the corporate communication world : the case of Digital Marketing in the Fashion Business  [Article]

    García Medina, Irene; Pereira Correia, Pedro Alvaro; Alberola Amores, Leonor (Universidad de Sevilla, 2019)
    Digital Marketing have revolutionized the way companies communicate and interact with their publics, in particularly in the Fashion Business. The use of digital communication on a daily is increasingly intense, which leads ...
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    False news and the work of information professionals in the coverage of events  [Article]

    Sánchez-Gey Valenzuela, Nuria (Universidad de Sevilla, 2019)
    In this article we wanted to analyze the increase of false news or fake news and its relationship with the work of television journalists in the coverage of events. The realization of this study is justified since this ...
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    The personal and professional brand in the economy of reputation  [Article]

    Iniesta-Alemán, Isabel (Universidad de Sevilla, 2019)
    Reputation is the actual battle camp on which all organizations compete. It is a fact that most advertising agencies do not show the professional profiles of their own managers as a valuable token in the communication of ...
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    Are the spin doctors a figure of priority interest for public relations?  [Article]

    Vilajoana-Alejandre, Sandra; Aira, Toni (Universidad de Sevilla, 2019)
    This research has a twofold goal: on the one hand, it describes, from a theoretical point of view, the importance of the figure and role of the spin doctors, also known as communication political advisers, from the perspective ...
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    Exploratory factorial structure of Internet user reliability on the eve of federal elections  [Article]

    García Lirios, Cruz (Universidad de Sevilla, 2019)
    Reliability emerges after the establishment of an agenda with issues focused on political corruption that, far from orienting a debate and public consensus, generate negative emotions that result in social hopelessness, ...
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    Art at the point of sale : Its communicative potential and four different possibilities of application  [Article]

    Bellido-Pérez, Elena (Universidad de Sevilla, 2019)
    In this text, the potential of art for retail stores is explored. No matter what product or service the store is offering than the art can always be an effective tool for pursuing certain communication goals. Being one ...
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    Online tourism brand management at a local scale in Valencian Community  [Article]

    Miralles Guimerá, Yolanda; Fanjul Peyró, Carlos (Universidad de Sevilla, 2019)
    The tourism sector is key in the Spanish economy. The competition among the variety of tourist destinations causes that they have to differentiate themselves, they need to create a powerful image of their brand territory ...
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    Brand management from a cultural approach. Case study of consumer brands that operate in the Spanish market  [Article]

    Sanz-Marcos, Paloma (Universidad de Sevilla, 2019)
    The relationship between brands and culture is not something new for brand managers. Starting from a situation of social tension characterized by the anxieties and the vital desires of a society, the management of brands ...
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    Theoretical approach of branding from a semiotic perspective  [Article]

    Sanz-Marcos, Paloma (u, 2018)
    This paper outlines the importance of the world of signs and symbols relating to brand management. We will explore the traditional semiotics authors and how those have been influenced other academics who have researched ...
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    Rational vs emotional communication models. Definition parameters of advertising discourses  [Article]

    González Oñate, Cristina; Farràn Teixidó, Eduard; Vázquez Cagiao, Pablo (Universidad de Sevilla, 2018)
    The new information technology, as well as changes in the consumer, have generated transformations in the strategic advertising focus. Since rational communication focuses on the product, it seeks clarity by articulating ...
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    Shopping as a selling strategy for tourism: combination of marketing mix tools  [Article]

    Jiménez-Marín, Gloria (Universidad de Sevilla, 2018)
    The use of time for entertainment has increased participation both at home and outside and, in our days, we look at the proliferation of a wide range of activities that are included in the leisure economy: tourism, catering, ...
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    Acts or events? A perspective from the marketing mix  [Article]

    Pulido Polo, Marta (Universidad de Sevilla, 2018)
    La literatura existente en torno a las relaciones píublicas, el ceremonial y el protocolo alterna como sinónimos los términos actos y eventos. A través de una revisión teóricoconceptual, el principal objetivo de este trabajo ...
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    L’approche scientifique de la sémiothique française: réflexions contemporaines  [Article]

    Farias Coelho, Patricia Margarita; Martins Costa, Marcos Rogério; Fontanari, Rodrigo (Universidad de Sevilla, 2018)
    Le sens est indéfinissable.dans sa totalité et sa complexité La sémiotique de l'École de Paris repose sur cette hypothèse pour construire son modèle théorique. Elle a ainsi comme objet d'étude le paraître du sens (GREIMAS; ...
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    Digital advertising storytelling: consumer educommunication  [Article]

    Elías Zambrano, Rodrigo (Universidad de Sevilla, 2018)
    This is a revision of the concept of digital storytelling to get a definition from a point of view of consumer educommunication. This is how new digital advertising storytelling can modify consumer roles and behaviors. So, ...
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    Vodafone: The relationship between brand image and online marketing strategies  [Article]

    Hasan Mahmud, Niaz; García-Medina, Irene (Universidad de Sevilla, 2018)
    The competition in global marketplaces is progressively increasing due to a large number of local players that form the telecom industry. For this reason, it is essential for companies to establish a strong brand image to ...