Opened Access Homología de Khovanov
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Author: Rivera Bustos, Ana Alicia
Director: González-Meneses López, Juan
Date: 2018-09
Document type: Final Degree Work
Academic Title: Universidad de Sevilla. Grado en Matemáticas
Abstract: Knot theory is quite younger compare to other theories in mathematics. Even so, it is an important mathematic theory in the topology field. Besides, it seems to have relation with other fields of knowledge like biology or physics. In this dissertation, we walk through some concepts such as knots, invariants, Jones polynomial, states and homology. Khovanov homology is an invariant of knots and it is a more accurate invariant than Jones polynomial. In this dissertation, we are going to prove that it is an invariant, partialy at least, to give an example of how to calculate it and to compare briefly with Jones polynomial.
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