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Antecedentes de las consultas de boca-oído online sobre hoteles


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Author: Moliner Velázquez, Beatriz
Fuentes Blasco, María
Gil Saura, Irene
Coordinator/Director: Rondán Cataluña, Francisco Javier
Date: 2017
Published in: XXIX Congreso de Marketing AEMARK (2017), p 538-560
ISBN/ISSN: 978-84-17129-34-7
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: Las consultas online sobre productos y servicios antes de la compra han recibido menor atención en la literatura que la generación de comentarios después de la experiencia. Nuestro trabajo aborda, por tanto, el estudio de la conducta de boca-oído on...
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Online reviews about goods and services prior to purchase have received less attention in the literature than comments generation after the experience. Our work addresses the study of online word-of-mouth behaviour from the receiver perspective. The aim is to investigate the variables that contribute to word-of-mouth adoption in order to make the decision to choose a hotel. The relationships chain “motivations→consult intention→volume→adoption” is analyzed, considering three types of motivations: convenience, risk and social. With a sample of 393 guests from 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and by means of a structural equations model, the results confirm these relationships, and the motivations of convenience and risk are the only ones that influence the intention to consult online word-of-mouth. Academic implications and recommendations for business management are presented to advance in this field of study.
Cite: Moliner Velázquez, B., Fuentes Blasco, M. y Gil Saura, I. (2017). Antecedentes de las consultas de boca-oído online sobre hoteles. En XXIX Congreso de Marketing AEMARK (538-560), Sevilla: ESIC.
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