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Percepción de los expertos de la necesidad de la formación del profesorado en convivencia


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Título alternativo: Perceptions experts need for teacher training in coexistence
Author: Penalva López, Antonia
Hernández Prados, María Ángeles
Guerrero Romera, Catalina
Date: 2014
Published in: Revista Fuentes, 15, 281-304
Document type: Article
Abstract: Uno de los desafíos propios de la institución escolar, es propiciar un clima favorable a la convivencia, que facilite el desarrollo instructivo y pedagógico, que en muchas ocasiones se ve interrumpido y alterado por conductas violentas de diversa ín...
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One of the challenges of the school is to foster a climate conducive to coexistence, to provide instructive and educational development, which often is interrupted and altered by violent behavior of various kinds which are usually managed mainly by teachers. However, for this management is effective, teachers must know and implement a range of resources and strategies for management, which often lacks. Hence the need to focus our study revealed that teachers have training needs as perceived by experts in school life. For this, we create a panel of experts consisting of 7 open questions, sent to a total of 30 experts and obtaining a stake of 40%. The results included to highlight the (75%) of experts considered necessary to base teacher training in cognitive, and behavioral (91.66%); meet educational measures are carried out in the center (91.66%) and intervention strategies (91.66%), in addition to the causes of school conflicts as school factors (91.66%) and relatives (66.66%).
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DOI: 10.12795/revistafuentes.2014.i15.13

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