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Estratégias educativas para a prevenção da violência


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Título alternativo: Estrategias educativas para la prevención de la violencia: mediación y diálogo
Author: Ortega Ruiz, Rosario
Rey Alamillo, Rosario del
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Psicología Evolutiva y de la Educación
Date: 2002
Document type: Book
Abstract: This book primarily aims to establish a set of procedures, both theoretical and practical, for the mediation of conflicts within the school environment.The authors provide an ecological and a community approach to analyze the uprising of school violence. Due to its content, the book is mainly directed to teaching staff in their daily routine. According to the authors, the prevention of conflicts that arise in schools must be understood and dealt with by a multi-disciplinary approach (e.g. creating a network to support school activities, thus avoiding isolation).The book is divided in eight chapters. They focus on the identification of conflicts; the means to overcome them; the alternatives to face and prevent them from occurring; and it contains a discussion of didactic strategies for the school context.
Cite: Ortega Ruiz, R., y Rey Alamillo, R.d. (2002). Estratégias educativas para a prevenção da violência. Brasília: Unesco Brasil
Size: 555.4Kb
Format: PDF


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