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      A Smart Electric Wheelchair Using UPnP  [Chapter of Book]

      Cascado Caballero, Daniel; Vicente Díaz, Saturnino; Sevillano Ramos, José Luis; Amaya Rodríguez, Claudio Antonio; Linares Barranco, Alejandro; Jiménez Moreno, Gabriel; Civit Balcells, Antón (Springer, 2006)
      People with disabilities in general, and wheelchair users in particular, are one of the groups of people that may benefit more from Ambient Intelligent (AmI) Systems, enhancing their autonomy and quality of life. However, ...
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      Embedding Multi-Task Address-Event- Representation Computation  [Chapter of Book]

      Luján Martínez, Carlos; Linares Barranco, Alejandro; Jiménez Moreno, Gabriel; Civit Balcells, Antón (Springer, 2009)
      Address-Event-Representation, AER, is a communication protocol that is intended to transfer neuronal spikes between bioinspired chips. There are several AER tools to help to develop and test AER based systems, which ...
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      Experiencia de innovación educativa con robótica en la Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación de la Universidad de Sevilla (España)  [Chapter of Book]

      Román Graván, Pedro; Hervás Gómez, Carlos; Guisado Lízar, José Luís (Servicio de Publicaciones y Divulgación Científica de la Universidad de Málaga, 2017-11)
      A nivel mundial, la robótica educativa está cada vez más presente en los centros educativos de todo el mundo, sobre todo a niveles de educación secundaria, incluso ya hay bastantes experiencias de introducción en el ...
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      Laser Dynamics Modelling and Simulation: An application of Dynamic Load Balancing of Parallel Cellular Automata  [Chapter of Book]

      Guisado Lízar, José Luís; Jiménez Morales, Francisco de Paula; Guerra Pérez, José Manuel; Fernández de Vega, Francisco; Iskra, Kamil A.; Sloot, Peter M.A.; Lombraña González, Daniel (Springer, 2010)
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      The Usefulness of Activity Trackers in Elderly with Reduced Mobility: A Case Study  [Chapter of Book]

      Lauritzen, Jonas; Muñoz Macho, Adolfo; Sevillano Ramos, José Luis; Civit Balcells, Antón (IOS Press, 2013)
      This study was conducted to determine the accuracy and usefulness of two current commercially available activity trackers in rollator dependent elderly with reduced mobility (RME), compared with elderly with normal ...