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Production of Ultrafine Grained Hardmetals by Electrical Resistance Sintering


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Opened Access Production of Ultrafine Grained Hardmetals by Electrical Resistance Sintering

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Author: Cintas Físico, Jesús
Astacio López, Raquel
Gómez Cuevas, Francisco de Paula
Montes Martos, Juan Manuel
Weissgaerber, Thomas
Lagos, Miguel Ángel
Torres Hernández, Yadir
Gallardo Fuentes, José María
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Ingeniería y Ciencia de los Materiales y del Transporte
Date: 2019-02
Published in: Metals, 9 (2)
Document type: Article
Abstract: In this work, powders of cemented ultrafine WC-6 wt.% Co were consolidated. The feasibility of the medium frequency electrical resistance sintering (MF-ERS) technique were studied to prevent WC grain growth during consolidation. Porosity and hardness were measured at different zones of the MF-ERS compacts. The compacts showed a slight inhomogeneity in their properties across their section, but it was controlled by choosing suitable values of the processing parameters. The optimal values for the material studied were current intensities between 7 and 8 kA and sintering times between 600 and 800 ms. The main achievement using this consolidation method was that sintered compacts essentially maintained the initial WC grain size. This was attained to processing times of less than 2 s, and without the need for using protective atmospheres.
Cite: Cintas Físico, J., Astacio López, R., Gómez Cuevas, F.d.P., Montes Martos, J.M., Weissgaerber, T., Lagos, M.Á.,...,Gallardo Fuentes, J.M. (2019). Production of Ultrafine Grained Hardmetals by Electrical Resistance Sintering. Metals, 9 (2)
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DOI: 10.3390/met9020159

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