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Derechos humanos, derecho a la cultura y pueblos indígenas


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Author: Senent de Frutos, Juan Antonio
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Filosofía del Derecho
Date: 2012-03
Published in: Revista Andaluza de Antropología, 2, 48-67.
Document type: Article
Abstract: Tratamos aquí el problema de la relación entre pueblos indígenas y los derechos humanos enfocando esta relación desde el derecho a la cultura y tratando de aportar un planteamiento radical del problema de base. Las cuestiones derivadas del derecho...
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Try here the problem of the relationship between indigenous peoples and human rights focusing this relationship from the right to culture and trying to bring a radical approach to the basic problem. Issues arising from the right to cultural heritage must be placed in the context of the right to culture or cultural self-determination process. The radical problem which should be identified in order to make a post-colonial treatment of the problem is its ability to produce culture, and thus denial to self-determine culturally in legal, political relations. To do this, we first draw a cultural-historical genealogy of the process of conquest of the world from the liberal modernity, by construction of exclusive narrative reference to the work of John Locke. And second, put the current regulatory problem in relation to culture from the fight that occurs between the different actors and current socio-legal frameworks.
Cite: Senent de Frutos, J.A. (2012). Derechos humanos, derecho a la cultura y pueblos indígenas. Revista Andaluza de Antropología, 2, 48-67.
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DOI: 10.12795/RAA.2012.i02.03

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