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El amor romántico en los productos audiovisuales de ficción


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Author: Mármol-Martín, Inmaculada
Mena-Vega, Sara
Rebollo-Bueno, Sara
Date: 2018
Published in: Admira : Revista de Análisis de Medios, Imágenes y Relatos Audiovisuales, 6, 52-81.
Document type: Article
Abstract: Este estudio analiza el papel de los productos de ficción audiovisual de la cultura de masas en la construcción del ideal del amor, debido a las posibles consecuencias relativas al desarrollo de los receptores. Cabe destacar la ...
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This study analyzes the role of audiovisual fiction products of mass culture in the construction of the ideal of love, due to the possible consequences it may have for the rec eivers. The essential contribution of the feminist film theory as the critical perspective of these effects should be noted. For this aim, a qualitative method focused o n focus g roups was made, complementing the data from secondary sources. This analysis had several conclusions, emphasising that audiovisual fiction stories show an ideal of love based on gender inequalities. Finally, from the model of romantic love, referents are constructed that could lead to harmful behaviors and beliefs in love relation ships, identifying them as typical of love and normalizing forms of gender violence.
Cite: Mármol-Martín, I., Mena-Vega, S. y Rebollo-Bueno, S. (2018). El amor romántico en los productos audiovisuales de ficción. Admira, 6, 52-81.
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