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Niveles de uso y aceptación de los dispositivos móviles en el aula


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Título alternativo: Levels of use and acceptance of mobile devices in the classroom
Author: Fombona Cadavieco, Javier
Rodil Pérez, Francisco Javier
Date: 2018
Published in: Pixel-Bit, 52, 21-35.
Document type: Article
Abstract: Los nuevos instrumentos digitales portátiles están accediendo a la vida cotidiana y profesional de todos los ciudadanos. Este elevado nivel de penetración de los dispositivos móviles digitales destinados al cómputo y a la gestión de la información o...
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New portable digital instruments are accessing daily and professionally life of all citizens. This high level of penetration of mobile digital devices for computing and information management takes any time and place, and the school should implement this potential not only in the field of communication, but also for oriented activities to the construction of knowledge. This paper analyzes the real actual implementation and acceptance at different educational levels in the secondary schools as reference in Spain. The research found that teachers and students have these mobile devices, but half recognizes that never used as a teaching tool. And half of teachers doubt it can improve the traditional educational methodology, although most would like to implement and believe it would be a motivating factor for students. On the other hand, students show more interest and believe it would improve their performance.
Cite: Fombona Cadavieco, J. y Rodil Pérez, F.J. (2018). Niveles de uso y aceptación de los dispositivos móviles en el aula. Pixel-Bit, 52, 21-35.
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DOI: 10.12795/pixelbit.2018.i52.02

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