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      Determination of the Acidity of Waste Cooking Oils by Near Infrared Spectroscopy  [Article]

      García-Martín, Juan Francisco; López Barrera, María del Carmen; Torres García, Miguel; Zhang, Qing-An; Álvarez Mateos, Paloma (MDPI, 2019)
      Waste cooking oils (WCO) recycling companies usually have economic losses for buying WCO not suitable for biodiesel production, e.g., WCO with high free acidity (FA). For this reason, the determination of FA of WCO by ...
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      Esterification of Free Fatty Acids with Glycerol within the Biodiesel Production Framework  [Article]

      García Martín, Juan Francisco; Carrión Ruiz, Javier; Torres García, Miguel; Feng, Chao-Hui; Álvarez Mateos, Paloma (MDPI, 2019)
      Companies in the field of the collection and treatment of waste cooking oils (WCO) for subsequent biodiesel production usually have to cope with high acidity oils, which cannot be directly transformed into fatty acid methyl ...