Opened Access A 176x144 148dB adaptive tone-mapping imager


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Autor: Vargas Sierra, Sonia
Liñán Cembrano, Gustavo
Rodríguez Vázquez, Ángel Benito
Departamento: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Electrónica y Electromagnetismo
Fecha: 2012
Publicado en: Sensors, Cameras, and Systems for Industrial and Scientific Applications (13.2012.California)
ISBN/ISSN: 9780819489456
Tipo de documento: Ponencia
Resumen: This paper presents a 176x144 (QCIF) HDR image sensor where visual information is simultaneously captured and adaptively compressed by means of an in-pixel tone mapping scheme. The tone mapping curve (TMC) is calculated from the histogram of a Time Stamp image captured in the previous frame, which serves as a probability indicator of the distribution of illuminations within the present frame. The chip produces 7-bit/pixel images that can map illuminations from 311μlux to 55.3 klux in a single frame in a way that each pixel decides when to stop observing photocurrent integration -with extreme values captured at 8s and 2.34μs respectively. Pixels size is 33x33μm2, which includes a 3x3μm2 Nwell- Psubstrate photodiode and an autozeroing technique for establishing the reset voltage, which cancels most of the offset contributions created by the analog processing circuitry. Dark signal (10.8 mV/s ) effects in the final image are attenuated by an automatic programming of the DAC top voltage. ...
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