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    Design of hardware-based security solutions for interconnected systems  [PhD Thesis]

    Prada Delgado, Miguel Ángel (2020-01-21)
    Among all the different research lines related to hardware security, there is a particular topic that strikingly attracts attention. That topic is the research regarding the so-called Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF). ...
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    Efficient Spectral Domain MoM for the Design of Circularly Polarized Reflectarray Antennas Made of Split Rings  [Article]

    Florencio, Rafael; Rodríguez Boix, Rafael; Encinar, José A. (IEEE, 2019-03)
    The method of moments (MoM) in the spectral domain is used for the analysis of the scattering of a plane wave by a multilayered periodic structure containing conducting concentric split rings in the unit cell. Basis functions ...
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    Pumping of liquids with traveling-wave electroosmosis  [Article]

    Ramos Reyes, Antonio; Morgan, Hywel; Green, Nicolas G.; González, A.; Castellanos Mata, Antonio (AIP Publishing, 2005)
    Net flow of electrolyte induced by a traveling-wave electric potential applied to an array of microelectrodes is reported. Two fluid flow regimes have been observed: at small-voltage amplitudes the fluid flow follows the ...
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    Electrorotation of semiconducting microspheres  [Article]

    Rodríguez Sánchez, Laida; Ramos Reyes, Antonio; García Sánchez, Pablo (American Physical Society, 2019)
    We study experimentally the electrorotation (ROT) of semiconducting microspheres. ZnO microspheres obtained by a hydrothermal synthesis method are dispersed in KCl aqueous solutions and subjected to rotating electric fields. ...
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    Digital Background Self-Calibration Technique for Compensating Transition Offsets in Reference-less Flash ADCs  [PhD Thesis]

    Aledo González, Cristina (2019-11-06)
    This Dissertation focusses on proving that background calibration using adaptive algorithms are low-cost, stable and effective methods for obtaining high accuracy in flash A/D converters. An integrated reference-less 3-bit ...
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    Data-Analytics Modeling of Electrical Impedance Measurements for Cell Culture Monitoring  [Article]

    García Ruíz, Elvira; Pérez García, Pablo; Olmo Fernández, Alberto; Díaz, Roberto; Huertas Sánchez, Gloria; Yúfera García, Alberto (MDPI, 2019)
    High-throughput data analysis challenges in laboratory automation and lab-on-a-chip devices’ applications are continuously increasing. In cell culture monitoring, specifically, the electrical cell-substrate impedance sensing ...
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    On the resonances and polarizabilities of split ring resonators  [Article]

    García García, J.; Martín, Ferrán; Baena Doello, Juan Domingo; Marqués Sillero, Ricardo; Jelinek, Lukas (AIP Publishing, 2005)
    In this paper, the behavior at resonance of split ring resonators SRRs and other related topologies, such as the nonbianisotropic SRR and the broadside-coupled SRR, are studied. It is shown that these structures exhibit ...
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    Near-field imaging in the megahertz range by strongly coupled magnetoinductive surfaces: Experiment and ab initio analysis  [Article]

    Freire Rosales, Manuel José; Marqués Sillero, Ricardo (AIP Publishing, 2006)
    In this work, the previously reported near-field imaging by two strongly coupled arrays of planar magnetic resonators is further studied. Experiments are performed to clarify the physical mechanisms underlying such an ...
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    Accurate circuit analysis of resonant-type left handed transmission lines with inter-resonator coupling  [Article]

    Gil, I.; Bonache, Jordi; Gil, M.; García García, J.; Martín, Ferran; Marqués Sillero, Ricardo (AIP Publishing, 2006)
    In this paper, a circuit model for the description of left handed transmission lines based on complementary split rings resonators CSRRs is proposed. As compared to previous models, coupling between adjacent resonators ...
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    Almacenamiento termoquímico en plantas CSP basado en calcium-looping: retos y oportunidades  [Presentation]

    Ortiz Domínguez, Carlos; Fernández, Reyes; Chacartegui, Ricardo; Valverde Millán, José Manuel; Becerra Villanueva, José Antonio (Asociación Española de Energía Solar, 2018)
    La integración de sistemas termoquímicos de energía en plantas CSP está ganando interés en los últimos años. De entre los posibles sistemas termoquímicos, el proceso de Calcium-looping (CaL), basado en la calcinación/carbonatación ...
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    Enhanced backward wave propagation in evanescent waveguides loaded with split ring resonators  [Article]

    Carbonell, Jorge; Roglá, L. J.; Boria, Vicente E.; Marqués Sillero, Ricardo (AIP Publishing, 2007)
    This paper reports on the design and experimental characterization of evanescent waveguides loaded with split ring resonators SRRs supporting enhanced backward wave propagation. With respect to previous negative refractive ...
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    Optimizing the magnetoinductive lens: Improvement, limits, and possible applications  [Article]

    Freire Rosales, Manuel José; Marqués Sillero, Ricardo (AIP Publishing, 2008)
    In this contribution, the basic concepts underlying the physics of magnetoinductive MI lenses are developed and the main practical limitations to their performances are analyzed. Strategies to overcome such limitations ...
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    Characterization of miniaturized metamaterial resonators coupled to planar transmission lines through parameter extraction  [Article]

    Aznar, Francisco; Gil Barba, Marta; Bonache, J.; Jelinek, Lukas; Baena Doello, Juan Domingo; Marqués Sillero, Ricardo; Martín, Ferran (AIP Publishing, 2008)
    In this paper, a method for obtaining the electrical characteristics of metamaterial resonators coupled to planar transmission lines is proposed. This parameter extraction technique is based on the comparison between the ...
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    Accurate modeling of split ring metamaterial lenses for magnetic resonance imaging applications  [Article]

    Jelinek, L.; Marqués Sillero, Ricardo; Freire Rosales, Manuel José (AIP Publishing, 2009)
    The usefulness of thin split ring metamaterial slabs for imaging applications, including magnetic resonance imaging applications, has attracted some attention in the past years. However, the small number of unit cells ...
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    Fluid to solid transition in magnetofluidized beds of fine powders  [Article]

    Valverde Millán, José Manuel; Espín Milla, Manuel Jesús; Sánchez Quintanilla, Miguel Angel; Castellanos Mata, Antonio (AIP Publishing, 2010)
    Experimental observations on the fluid to solid transition in beds of magnetized fine particles fluidized by gas are reported for different particle sizes dp. Contrarily to stability analysis prediction, the fluidized ...
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    Numerical study of dc-biased ac-electrokinetic flow over symmetrical electrodes  [Article]

    Yang Ng, Wee; Ramos Reyes, Antonio; Cheong Lam, Yee; Rodríguez Fernández, Isabel (AIP Publishing, 2012)
    This paper presents a numerical study of DC-biased AC-electrokinetic (DC-biased ACEK) flow over a pair of symmetrical electrodes. The flow mechanism is based on a transverse conductivity gradient created through incipient ...
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    AC electrified jets in a flow-focusing device: Jet length scaling  [Article]

    Castro Hernández, Elena De; García Sánchez, Pablo; Alzaga Gimeno, Javier; Tan, Say Hwa; Baret, Jean Christophe; Ramos Reyes, Antonio (AIP Publishing, 2016)
    We use a microfluidic flow-focusing device with integrated electrodes for controlling the production of water-in-oil drops. In a previous work, we reported that very long jets can be formed upon application of AC fields. ...
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    Microwave-induced water flow in a microchannel built on a coplanar waveguide  [Article]

    Khayari, A.; Medrano, M.; Verlage, E.; Velázquez Ahumada, María del Castillo; Freire Rosales, Manuel José; Ramos Reyes, Antonio (AIP Publishing, 2011)
    We present experimental and numerical investigations of water flow in a microsystem induced by microwave electric fields. Microwave dielectric heating induces gradients of temperature which produce spatial variations in ...
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    Electric charge limits on settled powders  [Article]

    Pérez Vaquero, Javier; Sánchez Quintanilla, Miguel Angel; Castellanos Mata, Antonio (AIP Publishing, 2016)
    In flows of dry particulate systems, electric charge is generated on particle surfaces by their collision with walls and with other particles. Charge build-up on single particles can yield local charge values high enough ...
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