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Transculturation and the Colonial Difference. Double Translation


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Título alternativo: Transculturación y la diferencia colonial. Doble traducción
Author: Mignolo, Walter D.
Schiwy, Freya
Date: 2007
Published in: IC Revista Científica de Información y Comunicación, 4, 6-28
Document type: Article
Abstract: En el marco del concepto wallersteineano de sistema mundo moderno/ colonial –como fue modificado por Mignolo (2000)- los autores abordan el problema de la traducción/transculturación. Misioneros y antropólogos en África, Asia y Mesoamérica solían re...
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In the frame of the Wallersteinean concept of modern/colonial world system –as modified by Mignolo (2000)- the authors address the topic of translation/transculturation. Missionaries and anthropologists in Africa, Asia and Mesoamerica used to make one-way translations determined by metropolitan interests for the purposes of assimilation and conversion. Translation was indeed the process wherein the coloniality of power articulated the colonial difference. But complex mechanisms of reciprocity, as translanguaging, could operate in order to convey knowledge, emotions or memories from Amerindian or subaltern cosmologies through Spanish or any other colonial languages as the Zapatistas have performed. For “subcomandante” Marcos, translation is not merely interlinguistic but also intercosmological. The authors go through several examples of translation/transculturation between Spanish and Tojolabal or Aymara to show that complex and double movement.
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