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El Postboom y el Género Testimonio. Miguel Barnet


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Author: Huertas Uhagon, Begoña
Date: 1994
Published in: Cauce, 17, 165-175
Document type: Article
Abstract: La narrativa de ficción latinoamericana de los últimos años parece inclinarse hacia unos rasgos que difieren notablemente de aquellas obras que se consagraran en los sesenta. La cotidianeidad frente al dato excepcional, la parcialidad de lo narrado ...
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The Latin American fiction narrative of the last years has some characteristics which are notably different from those that distinguished the production of the sixties. Daily affairs instead of exceptional facts, partiality instead of a global will , accesibility of the text instead of an experimental emphasis. The recent increase of the testimonial literature is inscribed in this dinamia These non-fiction texts coincide in some important characteristics with those purely fictional. The recreation of daily events through the first person narrative and the reinforcement of the referential elements of the story are features of the testimonial narrative that share with a large part of the present fictional literature. A review of the research done on testimonial narrative shows how most of the crucial debates are still open. In this context, Barnet's testimonial literature is a good example of the actual trends in Latin America. La narrative latinoamèricaine de fiction publié pendant ces dernières années a quelques différences importantes devant celle des années soixante. La quotidianeité à la place des événements exceptionels, la partialité à la place de la volonté de glob...
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