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    Methods of computational topology for Solar Activity forecasting (Extended abstract)  [Article]

    Knyazeva, Irina; Makarenko, Nikolay; Malkova, Daria (Universidad de Sevilla, 2015)
    Solar activity is a space-time complex of events which produced by the Sun magnetic fields. One of the results of this activity is a huge plasma ejection which called solar flares. The solar flares occurs mainly in the ...
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    Computing Fundamental Group via Forman’s Discrete Morse Theory Extended abstract  [Article]

    Brendel, Piotr; Dlotko, Pawel; Ellis, Graham; Juda, Mateusz; Mrozek, Marian (Universidad de Sevilla, 2015)
    We present research in progress on the algorithmic computation of the fundamental group of a CW complex. We use the algorithm to compute certain algebraic invariants of the fundamental group of the complement of a knot. ...
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    Characterizing Configurations of critical points through LBP Extended Abstract  [Article]

    González Díaz, Rocío; Kropatsch, Walter G.; Cerman, Martin; Lamar León, Javier (Universidad de Sevilla, 2015)
    In this abstract we extend ideas and results submitted to [3] in which a new codification of Local Binary Patterns (LBP) is given using combinatorial maps and a method for obtaining a representative LBP image is developed ...
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    CAPD::RedHom - Reduction heuristics for homology algorithms  [Article]

    Juda, Mateusz; Mrozek, Marian (Universidad de Sevilla, 2015)
    We present an efficient software package for computing homology of sets, maps and filtrations represented as cubical, simplicial and regular CW complexes. The core homology computation is based on classical Smith ...
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    The algorithm for going through a labyrinth by an autonomous  [Article]

    Raduca, Eugen; Adiran, Paun; Raduca, Mihaela; Draghici, Silviu; Anghel Drugarin, Co (Universidad de Sevilla, 2015)
    The paper presents an algorithm for going through a path type labyrinth by an autonomous vehicle. The detection of the path and the maintaining of the motion direction have been addressed as well as going through the ...
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    A Linear Time Algorithm for Drawing a Graph in 3 Pages within its Isotopy Class in 3-Space  [Article]

    Kurlin, Vitaliy (Universidad de Sevilla, 2015)
    We consider undirected graphs up to an ambient isotopy in 3-space. Such a graph can be represented by a plane diagram or a Gauss code. We recognize in linear time if a Gauss code represents an actual graph in 3-space. We ...