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La metodología de investigación mediante grupos de discusión


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Author: Gil Flores, Javier
Date: 1993
Published in: Enseñanza, 10-11, 199-214.
Document type: Article
Abstract: Los grupos de discusión constituyen una técnica de recogida de datos de naturaleza cualitativa que ha sido ampliamente utilizada en diferentes campos de la investigación sociológica y cuyas posibilidades en el ámbito educativo comienzan a ser consid...
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Discussion groups form a technique for the coUection of data of a qualitative nature which has been widely used in different fields of sociological research and its possibilities in the área of education are beginning to be considered by researchers. This article starts from a conceptual delimitation of discussion groups versus other group techniques, presenting its origin, foundation and characteristic features. Taking this as a basis, we focus on the analysis of the different points of decisión that define its methodological concretion. We conclude by affirming the adequacy of group discussions in the obtaining of data on the perceptions, opinions, attitudes, feelings or behaviour of the subjects in relation to a certain topic or reality under study. The use of this technique, either alone or in combination with other techniques, would lead to interesting resuits, thus a progressive increase in its use in educational research is to be expected. Les groupes de débat constituent une technique de quéte de données de nature qualitative qui a été largement utilisée dans de divers domaines de la recherche sociologique et dont les p>ossibilités dans le domaine de l'éducation commencent a étre env...
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Cite: Gil Flores, J. (1993). La metodología de investigación mediante grupos de discusión. Enseñanza, 10-11, 199-214.
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