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      Nucleon scattering on actinides using a dispersive optical model with extended couplings  [Article]

      Soukhovitskii, Efrem S.; Capote, Roberto; Quesada Molina, José Manuel; Chiba, Satoshi; Martyanov, D. S. (American Physical Society, 2016)
      The Tamura coupling model [Rev. Mod. Phys. 37, 679 (1965)] has been extended to consider the coupling of additional low-lying rotational bands to the ground-state band. Rotational bands are built on vibrational ...
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      Number conserving particle-hole RPA for superfluid nuclei  [Article]

      Dukelsky, Jorge; García Ramos, José Enrique; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel; Pérez Fernández, Pedro; Schuck, P. (Elsevier, 2019-08)
      We present a number conserving particle-hole RPA theory for collective excitations in the transition from normal to superfluid nuclei. The method derives from an RPA theory developed long ago in quantum chemistry using ...
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      Numerical assessment of post-prior equivalence for inclusive breakup reactions  [Article]

      Lei, Jin; Moro Muñoz, Antonio Matías (American Physical Society, 2015)
      We address the problem of the post-prior equivalence in inclusive breakup reactions induced by weakly bound nuclei. The problem is studied within the distorted-wave Born approximation (DWBA) model of Ichimura, Austern, ...
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      Numerical calculation of the rate of homogeneous gas-liquid nucleation in a Lennard-Jones system  [Article]

      Rein ten Wolde, Pieter; Ruiz Montero, María José; Frenkel, Daan (AIP Publishing, 1999-01)
      We report a computer-simulation study of the absolute rate of homogeneous gas–liquid nucleation in a Lennard-Jones system. The height of the barrier has been computed using umbrella sampling, whereas the kinetic prefactor ...
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      O18+Pd110: Measurements and realistic coupled-channel analysis in a transitional region  [Article]

      Pereira, Dirceu C.L.; Rossi, E. S.; Nobre, Gustavo P.A.; Chamon, L. C.; Silva, Cecilia Pereira; Gasques, L. R.; González Álvarez, Marcos Aurelio; Ribas, R. V.; Oliveira, Jr R.B.; Medina, N. H.; Rao, M. N.; Cybulska, E. W.; Anjos, R. M. (American Physical Society, 2006)
      The inelastic, two-neutron and α transfer and quasielastic cross sections for the 18O+110Pd system have been measured in the near barrier region (40 MeV Elab 58 MeV). The experiments were performed in the S˜ao Paulo ...
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      Ob stars in the solar neighborhood. I. analysis of their spatial distribution  [Article]

      Elias, F.; Cabrera Caño, Jesús María; Alfaro, Emilio J. (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2006-05)
      We present a newly developed, three-dimensional spatial classification method, designed to analyze the spatial distribution of early-type stars within the 1 kpc sphere around the Sun. We propose a distribution model formed ...
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      Ob stars in the solar neighborhood. II. kinematics  [Article]

      Elias, F.; Alfaro, Emilio J.; Cabrera Caño, Jesús María (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2006-09)
      Using the spatial classification method and the structural parameters estimated for the Gould Belt (GB) and the local Galactic disk (LGD) from a previous paper, we have evaluated spatial membership probabilities for a ...
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      Observation and spectroscopy of new proton-unbound isotopes 30ar and 29cl: an interplay of prompt two-proton and sequential decay  [Article]

      Espino Navas, José Manuel; Mukha, I.; Grigorenko, L.; Xu, X.; Acosta, Luis; Casarejos, E.; Ciemny, A. A.; Dominik, W. (American Physical Society, 2015-11-09)
      Previously unknown isotopes 30Ar and 29Cl have been identified by measurement of the trajectories of their in-flight decay products 28S+p+p and 28S+p, respectively. The analysis of angular correlations of the fragments ...
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      Observation of a tricritical wedge filling transition in the 3D Ising model  [Article]

      Romero Enrique, José Manuel; Rodríguez Rivas, Álvaro; Rull Fernández, Luis Felipe; Milchev, A. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2014)
      In this letter we present evidences of the occurrence of a tricritical filling transition for an Ising model in a linear wedge. We perform Monte Carlo simulations in a double wedge where antisymmetric fields act at the ...
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      Observation of narrow states in nuclei beyond the proton drip line: 15F and 16Ne  [Article]

      Mukha, I.; Timofeyuk, N. K.; Summerer, K.; Acosta, Luis; González Álvarez, Marcos Aurelio; Casarejos, E.; Espino Navas, José Manuel; Gómez Camacho, Joaquín José; Woods, P. J. (The American Physical Society, 2009)
      Two high-lying states in 15F and 16Ne, unbound with respect to one-proton (1p) and two-proton (2p) emissions, have been observed in the fragmentation of 17Ne at intermediate energies. They undergo mainly sequential emissions ...
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      Observation of two-proton radioactivity of Mg19 by tracking the decay products  [Article]

      Mukha, I.; González Álvarez, Marcos Aurelio; Espino Navas, José Manuel; Gómez Camacho, Joaquín José; Sümmerer, K.; Acosta, Luis; Casarejos, E.; Chatillon, A. (American Physical Society, 2007-10-29)
      We have observed the two-proton radioactivity of the previously unknown 19Mg ground state by tracking the decay products in-flight. For the first time, the trajectories of the 2p-decay products, 17Ne+p+p, have been measured ...
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      Odd-even 147–153Pm isotopes within the neutron-proton interacting boson-fermion model  [Article]

      Barea, J.; Alonso Alonso, Clara Eugenia; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel (American Physical Society, 2011)
      Low-lying energy states of the 147 -153Pm isotopic chain are studied within the framework of the neutron-proton interacting boson-fermion model (IBFM-2). The spectra of these isotopes show a transition from a particle ...
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      Off-shell effects in the relativistic mean field model and their role in CC (anti)neutrino scattering at MiniBooNE kinematics  [Article]

      Ivanov, M. V.; González Jiménez, Raúl; Caballero Carretero, Juan Antonio; Barbaro, M. B.; Donnelly, T. W.; Udías, J. M. (Elsevier, 2013)
      The relativistic mean field (RMF) model is used to describe nucleons in the nucleus and thereby to evaluate the effects of having dynamically off-shell spinors. Compared with free, on-shell nucleons as employed in some ...
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      On the activity of the γ -Ursae Minorids meteoroid stream in 2010 and 2011  [Article]

      Madiedo Gil, José María; Trigo-Rodríguez, Josep Maria; Lyytinen, Esko; Dergham, Joan; Pujols, Pep; Ortiz, José L.; Cabrera Caño, Jesús María (2013)
      Accurate orbital data obtained for the recently discovered γ -Ursae Minorids meteoroid stream during the 2010 and 2011 Spanish Meteor Network and Finnish Fireball Network observing ampaigns are presented. In particular, ...
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      On the critical behavior of the Percus-Yevick equation for nontruncated potentials  [Article]

      Brey Abalo, José Javier; Santos Reyes, Andrés (AIP Publishing, 1984-12)
      We present a qualitative analysis on the influence of truncating a long‐ranged potential on the critical behavior of a fluid described by the Percus–Yevick equation. It is shown that a nonclassical equation of state for ...
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      On the emergence of large and complex memory effects in nonequilibrium fluids  [Article]

      Lasanta Becerra, Antonio; Vega Reyes, Francisco; Prados Montaño, Antonio; Santos, Andrés (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2019-03-29)
      Control of cooling and heating processes is essential in many industrial and biological processes. In fact, the time evolution of an observable quantity may differ according to the previous history of the system. For ...
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      On the kinetic and thermodynamic electron temperatures in non-thermal plasmas  [Article]

      Álvarez Molina, Rafael; Cotrino Bautista, José; Palmero Acebedo, Alberto (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2014)
      The framework to describe the out-of-equilibrium free electrons in cold plasmas is developed assuming the electron entropy is defined through the Boltzmann H-theorem. Our theory explains why the Saha-Boltzmann relation ...
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      On the relation between algebraic and configuration space calculations of molecular vibrations  [Article]

      Pérez Bernal, Francisco; Bijker, R.; Frank, A.; Lemus, R.; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel (Elsevier, 1996-03)
      The relation between algebraic and traditional calculations of molecular vibrations is investigated. An explicit connection between interactions in configuration space and the corresponding algebraic interactions is established.
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      On the role of secondary pions in spallation targets  [Article]

      Cortés Giraldo, Miguel Antonio; Mancusi, Davide; Lo Meo, Sergio; Colonna, Nicola; Boudard, Alain; Cugnon, Joseph; David, Jean-Christophe; Leray, Sylvie; Lerendegui Marco, Jorge; Massimi, Cristian; Vlachoudis, Vasilis (EDP Sciences, 2017)
      We use particle-transport simulations to show that secondary pions play a crucial role for the development of the hadronic cascade and therefore for the production of neutrons and photons from thick spallation targets. In ...
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      On the use of baryon mappings to derive nuclei from quarks  [Article]

      Arias Carrasco, José Miguel; Frank Hoeflich, Alejandro; Pittel, Stuart; Dukelsky, Jorge (1994)