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      Quadrupole moments and E2 transitions in the O(6) limit of the IBM  [Article]

      Alonso Alonso, Clara Eugenia; Lozano Leyva, Manuel Luis; Dasso, Carlos Hugo; Vitturi, Andrea (Elsevier, 1988)
      Quadrupole moments and E2 transitions in the O(6) limit of the interacting boson model are studied within a formalism based on the intrinsic frame. We show that the values of these quantities for both ground- and β-bands ...
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      Quantification of self-sputtering and implantation during pulsed laser deposition of gold  [Article]

      Perea Folgueras, Ángel; Gonzalo, José; Budtz Jørgensen, C.; Epurescu, George; Siegel, Jan; Afonso Rodríguez, Carmen Nieves; García López, Francisco Javier (AIP Publishing, 2008)
      This work reports on the quantification of self-sputtering and implantation occurring during pulsed laser deposition of Au as a function of the laser fluence used to ablate the gold target. The experimental approach ...
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      Quantitative study of coherent pairing modes with two-neutron transfer: Sn isotopes  [Article]

      Idini, Andrea; Potel Aguilar, Gregory; Barranco Paulano, Francisco; Vigezzi, Enrico; Broglia, Ricardo A. (American Physical Society, 2013)
      Pairing rotations and pairing vibrations are collective modes associated with a field, the pair field, which changes the number of particles by two. Consequently, they can be studied at profit with the help of two-particle ...
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      Quantum mechanical description of Stern-Gerlach experiments  [Article]

      Potel Aguilar, Gregory; Barranco, Francisco; Barranco Paulano, Francisco; Cruz Barrios, Sara; Gómez Camacho, Joaquín José (American Physical Society, 2005)
      The motion of neutral particles with magnetic moments in an inhomogeneous magnetic field is described in a quantum mechanical framework. The validity of the semiclassical approximations which are generally used to describe ...
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      Quantum Phase Transitions from Spherical to Deformed for Bose-Fermi Systems and Effect of the Odd Particle around the Crirical Point  [Article]

      Böyükata, Mahmut; Alonso Alonso, Clara Eugenia; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel; Fortunato, Lorenzo; Vitturi, Andrea (EDP Sciences, 2014)
      Quantum phase transitions in odd-nuclei are investigated within the framework of the interacting boson-fermion model with a description based on the concept of intrinsic states. We consider the case of a single j=9/2 ...
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      Quantum phase transitions in the interacting boson model: Integrability, level repulsion, and level crossing  [Article]

      Arias Carrasco, José Miguel; Dukelsky, Jorge; García Ramos, José Enrique (American Physical Review, 2003-10-17)
      We study the quantum phase transition mechanisms that arise in the interacting boson model. We show that the second-order nature of the phase transition from U(5) to O(6) may be attributed to quantum integrability, whereas ...
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      Quantum phase transitions of atom-molecule Bose mixtures in a double-well potential  [Article]

      Arias Carrasco, José Miguel; Relaño, Armando; Dukelsky, Jorge; Pérez Fernández, Pedro (2014)
      The ground state and spectral properties of Bose gases in double-well potentials are studied in two different scenarios: (i) an interacting atomic Bose gas, and (ii) a mixture of an atomic gas interacting with diatomic ...
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      Quantum shape phase transitions from spherical to deformed for Bose-Fermi systems: the effect of the odd particle around the critical point  [Article]

      Böyükata, Mahmut; Alonso Alonso, Clara Eugenia; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel; Fortunato, Lorenzo; Vitturi, Andrea (EDP sciences, 2014)
      Quantum phase transitions in odd-nuclei are investigated within the framework of the interacting boson-fermion model with a description based on the concept of intrinsic states. We consider the case of a single j=9/2 ...
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      Quantum stochastic synchronization  [Article]

      Morillo Buzón, Manuel; Goychuk, Igor; Casado Pascual, Jesús; Lehmann, Jörg; Hänggi, Peter (American Physical Society, 2006-11-27)
      We study, within the spin-boson dynamics, the synchronization of a quantum tunneling system with an external, time-periodic driving signal. As a main result, we find that at a sufficiently large system-bath coupling strength ...
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      Quasi-stellar objects in the ALHAMBRA survey: I. Photometric redshift accuracy based on 23 optical-NIR filter photometry  [Article]

      Cabrera Caño, Jesús María; Matute, I.; Márquez, I.; Husillos, C.; Del Olmo, A.; Perea, Jaime D.; Alfaro, Emilio J.; Fernández Soto, A. (EDP Sciences, 2012)
      Context. Even the spectroscopic capabilities of today's ground and space-based observatories can not keep up with the enormous flow of detections (>10 5 deg -2) unveiled in modern cosmological surveys as: i) would be ...
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      Quasielastic scattering from relativistic bound nucleons: Transverse-longitudinal response  [Article]

      Udías, J. M.; Caballero Carretero, Juan Antonio; Moya de Guerra, E.; Amaro Soriano, José Enrique; Donnelly, T. W. (American Physical Society, 1999-12-27)
      Predictions for electron induced proton knockout from p1/2 and p3/2 shells in 16O are presented using various approximations for the relativistic nucleonic current. Results for differential cross section, transverse-longitudinal ...
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      Quasifree ( p,pN) scattering of light neutron-rich nuclei near N = 14  [Article]

      Díaz Fernández, P.; Álvarez-Pol, H.; Crespo, R.; Cravo, E.; Atar, L.; Deltuva, A.; Moro Muñoz, Antonio Matías (American Physical Society, 2018)
      Background: For many years, quasifree scattering reactions in direct kinematics have been extensively used to study the structure of stable nuclei, demonstrating the potential of this approach. The R3B collaboration ...
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      Radiative capture reaction for Ne 17 formation within a full three-body model  [Article]

      Casal Berbel, Jesús; Garrido Bellido, Eduardo; Diego Martínez, Raúl de; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel; Rodríguez Gallardo, Manuela (American Physical Society, 2016)
      Background: The breakout from the hot Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxigen (CNO) cycles can trigger the rp-process in type I x-ray bursts. In this environment, a competition between 15O(α,γ )19Ne and the two-proton capture reaction 15O(2p,γ ...
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      Radiative neutron capture on 242Pu in the resonance region at the CERN n_TOF-EAR1 facility  [Article]

      Lerendegui Marco, Jorge; Guerrero Sánchez, Carlos; Mendoza, Emilio; Quesada Molina, José Manuel; Eberhardt, Klaus; Junghans, Arnd R.; Krtička, Milan; Aberle, Oliver; Andrzejewski, J.; Cortés Giraldo, Miguel Antonio (American Physical Society, 2018-02-06)
      The spent fuel of current nuclear reactors contains fissile plutonium isotopes that can be combined with uranium to make mixed oxide (MOX) fuel. In this way the Pu from spent fuel is used in a new reactor cycle, ...
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      Radiocarbon measurement program at the centro nacional de aceleradores (CNA), Spain  [Article]

      Santos Arévalo, Francisco Javier; Gómez Martínez, Isabel; García León, Manuel (2009)
      In September 2005, an accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) system based on a 1MV Tandetron accelerator arrived at the Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA). One of the main research programs for this AMS facility is based ...
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      Random-phase-approximation-based dynamical polarization potential  [Article]

      Andrés Martín, María Victoria; Catara, F.; Chomaz, Ph.; Lanza, Edoardo G. (American Physical Society, 1989)
      A dynamical polarization potential is defined taking into account the effects on the elastic channel due to the excitation of vibrational collective modes, described within the random-phase approximation. The probability ...
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      Reaction Dynamics for the Systems 7Be,8B + 208Pb at Coulomb Barrier Energies  [Article]

      Mazzocco, M.; Boiano, A.; Boiano, C.; La Commara, M.; Manea, C.; Parascandolo, C.; Fernández García, Juan Pablo (IOP Publishing, 2018)
      In this contribution we describe the first results obtained for the investigation of the elastic scattering process in the reactions induced by the Radioactive Ion Beams 7Be and 8B on a 208Pb target at Coulomb barrier ...
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      Reaction mechanism of two-neutron transfer in DWBA  [Article]

      Potel Aguilar, Gregory; Idini, Andrea; Barranco, Francisco; Vigezzi, Enrico; Broglia, Ricardo A. (EDP sciences, 2011)
      We present a brief introduction to the second order DWBA reaction formalism which we have used to perform the theoretical analysis of two–nucleon transfer reactions induced both by heavy and light ions. We also show an ...
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      Reaction theory: status and perspectives  [Article]

      Moro Muñoz, Antonio Matías; Gómez Camacho, Joaquín José (EDP Sciences, 2016)
      The current status of the reaction theory of nuclear collisions involving weakly-bound exotic nuclei is presented. The problem is addressed within the Continuum Discretized Coupled Channel (CDCC) framework, recalling its ...
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      Reactions induced by 11Be beam at Rex-Isolde  [Article]

      Di Pietro, A.; Amorini, F.; Martel, I.; Tengblad, Olof; Gómez Camacho, Joaquín José (EDP sciences, 2011)
      The collision induced by the three Beryllium isotopes, 9,10,11Be, on a 64Zn target were investigated at Ec.m. ≈ 1.4 the Coulomb barrier. The experiments with the radioactive 10,11Be beams were performed at the Rex-Isolde ...