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      Fast-ion redistribution and loss due to edge perturbations in the ASDEX Upgrade, DIII-D and KSTAR tokamaks  [Article]

      García Muñoz, Manuel; Äkäslompolo, S.; Asunta, O.; Boom, J.; Chen, X.; Classen, I.G.J.; Dux, R.; Evans, T.E.; Fietz, S.; Fisher, R.K.; Fuchs, C.; Geiger, B.; Hoelzl, M.; Igochine, V.; Jeon, Y.M.; Kim, J.; Kim, J.Y.; Kurzan, B.; Lazanyi, N.; Lunt, T.; McDermott, R. M.; Nocente, M.; Pace, D.C.; Rhodes, T.L.; Rodríguez Ramos, Mauricio; Shinohara, K.; Suttrop, W.; Van Zeeland, M.A.; Viezzer, Eleonora; Willensdorfer, M.; Wolfrum, E. (IOP Publishing, 2013)
      The impact of edge localized modes (ELMs) and externally applied resonant and non-resonant magnetic perturbations (MPs) on fast-ion confinement/transport have been investigated in the ASDEX Upgrade (AUG), DIII-D and ...
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      Feasibility Study of a Proton Irradiation Facility for Radiobiological Measurements at an 18 MeV Cyclotron  [Article]

      Baratto Roldán, Anna; Jiménez Ramos, María del Carmen; Battaglia, Maria Cristina; García López, Francisco Javier; Gallardo Fuentes, María Isabel; Cortés Giraldo, Miguel Antonio (MDPI, 2018-11)
      A feasibility study of an experimental setup for the irradiation of biological samples at the cyclotron facility installed at the National Centre of Accelerators (Seville, Spain) is presented. This cyclotron, which counts ...
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      Few-body multiple scattering calculations for 6 He on protons  [Article]

      Al-Khalili, J. S.; Johnson, R. C.; Crespo, Raquel; Moro Muñoz, Antonio Matías; Thompson, I. J. (American Physical Society, 2007)
      The elastic scattering of the halo nucleus 6 He from a proton target at 717 MeV/nucleon is investigated within three different multiple-scattering formulations of the total transition amplitude. The factorized impulse a ...
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      Filling and wetting transitions of nematic liquid crystals on sinusoidal substrates  [Article]

      Patrício, Pedro; Silvestre, Nuno M.; Pham, Chi Tuong; Romero Enrique, José Manuel (American Physical Society, 2011)
      Close to sinusoidal substrates, simple fluids may undergo a filling transition, in which the fluid passes from a dry to a filled state, where the interface remains unbent but bound to the substrate. Increasing the surface ...
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      Filling and wetting transitions on sinusoidal substrates: a mean-field study of the Landau-Ginzburg model  [Article]

      Rodríguez Rivas, Álvaro; Romero Enrique, José Manuel; Galván, José (IOP Publishing, 2014)
      We study the interfacial phenomenology of a fluid in contact with a one-dimensional array of infinitely long grooves of sinusoidal section, characterized by the periodicity length L and amplitude A. The system is modelled ...
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      Final state interaction effects in neutrino-nucleus quasielastic scattering  [Article]

      Maieron, C.; Martínez, M. C.; Caballero Carretero, Juan Antonio; Udías, J. M. (Elsevier, 2005-02)
      We consider the charged-current quasielastic scattering of muon neutrinos on an Oxygen 16 target, described within a relativistic shell model and, for comparison, the relativistic Fermi gas. Final state interactions are ...
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      Final-state interactions and superscaling in the semi-relativistic approach to quasielastic electron and neutrino scattering  [Article]

      Amaro Soriano, José Enrique; Barbaro, M. B.; Caballero Carretero, Juan Antonio; Donnelly, T. W.; Udías, J. M. (The American Physical Society, 2007)
      The semi-relativistic approach to electron and neutrino quasielastic scattering from nuclei is extended to include final-state interactions. Starting with the usual nonrelativistic continuum shell model, the problem is ...
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      Final-state interactions in the superscaling analysis of neutral-current quasielastic neutrino scattering  [Article]

      Martínez, M. C.; Caballero Carretero, Juan Antonio; Donnelly, T. W.; Udías, J. M. (The American Physical Society, 2008)
      Effects of strong final-state interactions in the superscaling properties of neutral-current quasielastic neutrino cross sections are investigated by using the relativistic impulse approximation as guidance. First- and ...
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      Finite-size corrections in the bosonic algebraic approach to two-dimensional systems  [Article]

      Pérez Fernández, Pedro; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel; García Ramos, José Enrique; Pérez Bernal, Francisco (American Physical Society, 2011)
      Analytical results beyond the mean-field-limit approximation for several observables of the two-dimensional limit of the vibron model are presented. Finite-size scaling exponent values are also analytically derived. The ...
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      Finite-size effects on multibody neutrino exchange  [Article]

      Abada, A.; Pène, Olivier; Rodríguez Quintero, J. (American Physical Society, 1998-10-01)
      We use an effective Lagrangian to study the multibody massless neutrino exchange inside a finite neutron star. Following Schwinger, we show how the total interaction energy density is computed by comparing the values of ...
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      Finite-size scaling exponents in the interacting boson model  [Article]

      Dusuel, Sébastien; Vidal, Julien; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel; Dukelsky, Jorge; García Ramos, José Enrique (American Physical Society, 2005-07-01)
      We investigate the finite-size scaling exponents for the critical point at the shape-phase transition from U(5) (spherical) to O(6) (deformed γ-unstable) dynamical symmetries of the interacting boson model, making use of ...
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      Finite-time adiabatic processes: Derivation and speed limit  [Article]

      Plata Ramos, Carlos Alberto; Guéry Odelin, David; Trizac, Emmanuel; Prados Montaño, Antonio (American Physical Society, 2020)
      Obtaining adiabatic processes that connect equilibrium states in a given time represents a challenge for mesoscopic systems. In this paper, we explicitly show how to build these finite-time adiabatic processes for an ...
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      First Measurement of Several β-Delayed Neutron Emitting Isotopes Beyond N=126  [Article]

      Guerrero Sánchez, Carlos; Caballero Folch, R.; Domingo Pardo, César; Agramunt-Ros, J.; Algora, A.; Ameil, F.; Arcones, A.; Ayyad, Y. (American Physical Society, 2006-06-29)
      The β-delayed neutron emission probabilities of neutron rich Hg and Tl nuclei have been measured together with β-decay half-lives for 20 isotopes of Au, Hg, Tl, Pb, and Bi in the mass region N≳126. These are the heaviest ...
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      First measurement of the isoscalar excitation above the neutron emission threshold of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance in 68Ni  [Article]

      Martorana, N. S.; Cardella, G.; Lanza, Edoardo G.; Acosta, Luis; Andrés Martín, María Victoria; Auditore, L.; Catara, Francesco; De Filippo, E.; De Luca, S. (North-Holland, 2018-07-10)
      The excitation of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance (PDR) in the 68Ni nucleus, above the neutron emission threshold, via an isoscalar probe has been observed for the first time. The excitation has been produced in reactions where ...
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      First observation of scissors mode states in an odd-mass nucleus  [Article]

      Bauske, I.; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel; Von Brentano, Peter; Frank, Alejandro; Friedrichs, H.; Heil, R. D.; Herzberg, Rolf Dietmar; Hoyler, Frieder; Van Isacker, Piet; Kneißl, Ulrich; Margraf, Johannes T.; Pitz, H. H.; Wesselborg, Christopher; Zilges, Andreas (American Physical Society, 1993)
      Nuclear resonance fluorescence experiments are reported to search for enhanced M1 scissors mode states in the deformed odd-mass nucleus Dy163. A concentration of dipole strengths near 3 MeV excitation energy is found, which ...
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      First tests of the applicability of γ-ray imaging for background discrimination in time-of-flight neutron capture measurements  [Article]

      Lerendegui Marco, Jorge; Pérez Magán, D. L.; Caballero-Ontanaya, L.; Domingo Pardo, César; Agramunt-Ros, J.; Albiol, F.; Casanovas, A.; González, A.; Guerrero Sánchez, Carlos; Tarifeño-Saldivia, A. (Elsevier, 2016)
      In this work we explore for the first time the applicability of using γ-ray imaging in neutron capture measurements to identify and suppress spatially localized background. For this aim, a pinhole gamma camera is assembled, ...
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      Fission Fragment Angular Distribution measurements of 235U and 238U at CERN n-TOF facility  [Article]

      Leal Cidoncha, E.; Durán, Ignacio; Paradela, Carlos; Tarrío, D.; Leong, L. S.; Tassan-Got, L.; Audouin, Laurent; Altstadt, Sebastian G.; Andrzejewski, J.; Barbagallo, M.; Cortés Giraldo, Miguel Antonio (EDP Sciences, 2016)
      Neutron-induced fission cross sections of 238U and 235U are used as standards in the fast neutron region up to 200 MeV. A high accuracy of the standards is relevant to experimentally determine other neutron reaction cross ...
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      Fluctuating hydrodynamics and mesoscopic effects of spatial correlations in dissipative systems with conserved momentum  [Article]

      Lasanta Becerra, Antonio; Manacorda, A.; Prados Montaño, Antonio; Puglisi, A. (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2015)
      We introduce a model described in terms of a scalar velocity field on a 1D lattice, evolving through collisions that conserve momentum but do not conserve energy. Such a system possesses some of the main ingredients of ...
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      Fluctuating hydrodynamics for dilute granular gases  [Article]

      Brey Abalo, José Javier; Maynar Blanco, Pablo; García de Soria Lucena, María Isabel (American Physical Society, 2009)
      Starting from the kinetic equations for the fluctuations and correlations of a dilute gas of inelastic hard spheres or disks, a Boltzmann-Langevin equation for the one-particle distribution function of the homogeneous cooling ...
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      Fluctuating Navier-Stokes equations for inelastic hard spheres or disks  [Article]

      Brey Abalo, José Javier; Maynar Blanco, Pablo; García de Soria Lucena, María Isabel (American Physical Society, 2011)
      Starting from the fluctuating Boltzmann equation for smooth inelastic hard spheres or disks, closed equations for the fluctuating hydrodynamic fields to Navier-Stokes order are derived. This requires deriving constitutive ...