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      α-particle production in 6He + 120Sn collisions  [Article]

      Faria, P. N. de; Lichtenthäler, R.; Pires, K. C. C.; Moro Muñoz, Antonio Matías; Lépine-Szily, A.; Guimarães, V.; Morais, M.C. (The American Physical Society, 2010)
      The collision 6He+120Sn has been investigated at four energies near the Coulomb barrier. A large yield of α particles has been detected, with energies around the energy of the scattered 6He beam. The energy and angular ...
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      α-particle production in the scattering of 6He by Pb-208 at energies around the Coulomb barrier  [Article]

      Escrig, D.; Sánchez Benítez, A. M.; Moro Muñoz, Antonio Matías; González Álvarez, Marcos Aurelio; Andrés Martín, María Victoria; Angulo, C.; García Borge, María José; Cabrera Caño, Jesús María; Cherubini, S.; Demaret, P.; Espino Navas, José Manuel; Gómez Camacho, Joaquín José; Ziman, V. (Elsevier, 2007)
      New experimental data from the scattering of 6He + Pb-208 at energies around and below the Coulomb barrier are presented. The yield of breakup products coming from projectile fragmentation is dominated by a strong group ...
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      β -delayed three-proton decay of 31 Ar  [Article]

      Lis, A. A.; Mazzocchi, C.; Dominik, W.; Janas, Z.; Pfützner, M.; Pomorski, M.; Winfield, J. S.; Espino Navas, José Manuel (American Physical Society, 2015)
      The β decay of Ar31, produced by fragmentation of an Ar36 beam at 880 MeV/nucleon, was investigated. Identified ions of Ar31 were stopped in a gaseous time projection chamber with optical readout allowing us to record decay ...
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      β-decay half-lives and β-delayed neutron emission probabilities for several isotopes of Au, Hg, Tl, Pb, and Bi, beyond N = 126  [Article]

      Caballero Folch, R.; Domingo Pardo, César; Agramunt-Ros, J.; Algora, A.; Ameil, F.; Ayyad, Y.; Guerrero Sánchez, Carlos (American Physical Society, 2017-06-23)
      Background: There have been measurements on roughly 230 nuclei that are β-delayed neutron emitters. They range from 8 He up to 150La. Apart from 210Tl, with a branching ratio of only 0.007%, no other neutron emitter has ...
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      β-decay rates of 121–131Cs in the microscopic interacting boson-fermion model  [Article]

      Mardones, E.; Barea, J.; Alonso Alonso, Clara Eugenia; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel (American Physical Society, 2016)
      β -decay rates of 121–131 Cs have been calculated in the framework of the neutron-proton interacting boson- fermion model (IBFM-2). For odd- A nuclei, the decay operator can be written in a relatively simple form in ...
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      β-delayed deuteron emission from 11Li: Decay of the halo  [Article]

      Mukha, I.; Raabe, R.; Andreyev, A.; Buchmann, L.; Capel, P.; Huyse, M.; Kanungo, R.; Kirchner, T. (American Physical Society, 2008-11-18)
      The deuteron-emission channel in the β decay of the halo nucleus 11Li was measured at the Isotope Separator and Accelerator facility at TRIUMF by implanting postaccelerated 11Li ions into a segmented silicon detector. The ...
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      β4 potential at the U(5)–O(6) critical point of the interacting boson model  [Article]

      García Ramos, José Enrique; Dukelsky, Jorge; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel (American Physical Society, 2005)
      Exact numerical results of the interacting boson model Hamiltonian along the integrable line from U(5) to O(6) are obtained by diagonalization within boson seniority subspaces. The matrix Hamiltonian reduces to a block ...
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      γ spectroscopy of 25 , 27 Ne and 26 , 27 Na  [Article]

      González Álvarez, Marcos Aurelio; Obertelli, A.; Gillibert, A.; Auger, F.; Dayras, D.; Drouart, A.; Keeley, N.; Lapoux, V. (American Physical Society, 2006-12-14)
      The γ spectroscopy of 25, 27 Ne and 26, 27 Na was studied from the reaction of 26 Ne with a deuterium target in inverse kinematics at 9.7 MeV/nucleon. The selectivity of the (d,p), (d,t), and (d,n) transfer reactions ...