Opened Access Determiners and relative clauses
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Author: Benincà, Paola
Date: 2012
Published in: Iberia: An International Journal of Theoretical Linguistics, 4 (1), 92-109.
Document type: Article
Abstract: In the present paper, I consider first the behaviour of singular count nouns, showing that, in the limited set of contexts in which they are found, a specific kind of modification is in many cases necessary. The modification is represented by a v...
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En el presente artículo se trata primero el comportamiento de sustantivos singulares contables y se muestra que en el conjunto limitado de contextos en que estos aparecen, una clase de modificación específica es necesaria en muchos casos. Esta mo...
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No presente artigo, considero primeiro o comportamento de nomes contáveis singulares, demonstrando que, no número limitado de contextos em que surgem, um tipo específico de modificação é, em muitos casos, necessário. A modificação é representada ...
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Cite: Benincà, P. (2012). Determiners and relative clauses. Iberia: An International Journal of Theoretical Linguistics, 4 (1), 92-109.
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