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L'habitat d’aujourd’hui et de demain: flexible, adaptable, reversible?


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Título alternativo: The housing of today and tomorrow: flexible, adaptable, reversible?
Author: Eleb, Monique
Date: 2017
Published in: Proyecto, progreso, arquitectura, 16, 18-33.
Document type: Article
Abstract: Les temps du quotidien ont changé et c’est chez soi que se font souvent, aujourd’hui, les loisirs et parfois le travail. On parle alors « d’internalisation », notamment des loisirs (multiplication des écrans par exemple). Il n’est plus possible aujo...
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The daily routine has changed and today it is at home where often recreation and sometimes work take place. This is referred to as “internalization”, in particular of leisure (for example proliferation of screens). Today, it has become impossible to simply produce stereotyped housing, thinking that all will have to adapt to it, because families are recomposed, some live in cohabitation, etc. The use of the house and the living conditions at home have changed but the routinely proposed space is not organized for that. Where do we stand with the social aspect of sustainable development? The succession of passages of life leads us to dream that the habitat follows, adapts, that its surface increases or decreases according to the moments. How the architects have taken this new data into account? The notions of adaptability, flexibility and reversibility allow us to start reflecting on emerging or already well established experiences.
Cite: Eleb, M. (2017). L'habitat d’aujourd’hui et de demain: flexible, adaptable, reversible?. Proyecto, progreso, arquitectura, 16, 18-33.
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DOI: 10.12795/ppa.2017.i16.01

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