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Enric Miralles y las maquetas: pensamientos ocultos entrecruzados y otras


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Título alternativo: Enric Miralles and Models: Hidden Interwined Thoughts and Other Intuitions
Author: Esquinas Dessy, Jesús
Zaragoza de Pedro, Isabel
Date: 2016
Published in: Proyecto, progreso, arquitectura, 15, 112-125.
Document type: Article
Abstract: Este artículo revisa el proceso creativo de Enric Miralles, utilizando como instrumentos de conocimiento algunas de sus maquetas de trabajo. Diversos referentes y afinidades en la esfera del arte serán la base para descubrir relaciones entre el si...
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This article focuses on the Enric Miralles surprising creative process, using some of his models as knowledge tools. Several references and affinities in the sphere of art will be the base for discovering different relationships between his particular way of working –always inaugurated–, and these creativity sources, showing a world of links –sometimes unexpected–, which have enriched the projects, turning them in extremely attractive. We will pay attention to some of the projects developed in the early 90s, time of change in his personal and professional trajectory, which will be distinguished by an intense experimental work starred by the beginning of his international projection; not only in the professional area but also in the educational. It has been considered as vital, the model analysis through Enric Miralles own look, through images from his own production or management, as in his personal way of “explaining himself”, possible intentions or links could be discovered.
Cite: Esquinas Dessy, J. y Zaragoza de Pedro, I. (2016). Enric Miralles y las maquetas: pensamientos ocultos entrecruzados y otras. Proyecto, progreso, arquitectura, 15, 112-125.
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DOI: 10.12795/ppa

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