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La educación en el constitucionalismo español


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Título alternativo: Education in Spanish Constitutionalism
Author: Puelles Benítez, Manuel de
Date: 2012
Document type: Article
Abstract: En la historia del constitucionalismo español sólo hay tres constituciones en las que la educación ocupa un papel relevante: la Constitución de 1812, la Constitución de 1931 y la Constitución vigente de 1978. De las demás, las de 1837 y 1845 no regu...
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In the history of Spanish Constitutionalism, there are only three Constitutions in which education is a relevant issue: the 1812 Constitution, the Constitution of 1931, and the current Constitution of 1978. Those of 1837 and 1845 did not regulate education and the Constitutions of 1869 and 1876 only approached education from the restricted framework of academic freedom and the problems posed by this right in Spanish Society. While the 1812 Constitution designed the creation of a national educational system –very problematic since its origins–, and while the 1931 Constitution laid the foundations of a modern educational system –with the consequent resistance–, the Constitution of 1978 has been the only one that through consensus has given birth to a democratic educational system, although not without significant difficulties. This paper addresses the problems raised by the three above mentioned Constitutions, paying particular attention to the current Constitution.
Cite: Puelles Benítez, M.d. (2012). La educación en el constitucionalismo español. Cuestiones pedagógicas, 21, 15-35.
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