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Giambattista Vico: mimbres para una ciudadanía retórica y democrática


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Author: Alonso Rocafort, Victor
Date: 2008
Published in: Cuadernos sobre Vico, 21-22, 15-39.
Document type: Article
Abstract: Vico ofrece en la Scienza nuova los mimbres para que el gobierno del individuo sea respetuoso con todas sus voces, llevando la isegoría a lo que para Maimónides, como para el propio Vico, era el primer estadio de la ciencia política. El napolitano a...
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In Vico’s Scienza Nuova can be found the elements required to govern the individual respecting all its inner voices, turning the isegoría into what Maimonides –and Vico himself– considered the first phase of political science. According to the Neapolitan writer, we can know the city better by studying how to govern ourselves. He was aware of the fact that acting democratically in our inner space may help to avoid the exclusion of those that, for different reasons, are not accepted as full citizens by the political community in which they live. He extends the conception of a rhetoric and democratic citizen by recovering part of the democratic rhetoric legacy; and he does so in a hostile context where rhetoric had been cornered, and the Cartesian model of identity was triumphing in a way that would mark modern citizenship. From his admiration for Jewish thought and classical rhetoric, Vico will denounce the alleged rational secularization of illustrated citizenship.
Cite: Alonso Rocafort, V. (2008). Giambattista Vico: mimbres para una ciudadanía retórica y democrática. Cuadernos sobre Vico, 21-22, 15-39.
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