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Título alternativo: Pressing the housing and habitat question
Author: Añón Abajas, Rosa María
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Proyectos Arquitectónicos
Date: 2013
Published in: Proyecto, progreso, arquitectura, 9, 12-15
Document type: Article
Abstract: En la actualidad es reconocible una alarmante situación en lo relativo al problema de la vivienda. No solo en el mundo subdesarrollado, sino también en los contextos que años atrás habían alcanzado un estado de bienestar bien definido, proliferan si...
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Today an alarming situation can be observed, regarding the housing problem. Substandard housing conditions now proliferate, not only in the developing world, but also where a well-defined state of well-being had been reached years ago. It is as if, every year that had been spent achieving that state has been erased. Under these circumstances, the Editorial Board of “proyecto, progreso, arquitectura” have considered it necessary to dedicate an issue to press home the housing and habitat question. Marginal habitats, the inclusion of citizen participation in the habitat production processes, and the review of the current values of the inexplicably forgotten past achievements, are matters that have motivated the launch of a call which has achieved a high level of participation. The selected articles are presented in this editorial to crystallize the ninth issue, assessing the fundamental contributions that each one offers, justifying its place in the resulting order.
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DOI: 10.12795/ppa

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