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Sustained photoproduction of ammonia from nitrate by Anacystis nidulans

Opened Access Sustained photoproduction of ammonia from nitrate by Anacystis nidulans
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Autor: Ramos Martín, Juan Luis
García Guerrero, Miguel
Losada Villasante, Manuel
Departamento: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Bioquímica Vegetal y Biología Molecular
Fecha: 1982
Publicado en: Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 44(5), 1020-1025
Tipo de documento: Artículo
Resumen: Conditions that lengthen the time during which L-methionine-DL-sulfoximine (MSX) promotes excretion of ammonia produced by photosynthetic nitrate reduction in Anacystis nidulans have been sought. If MSX was added every 24 h, maximal rates of ammonia production were maintained for 3 days. After this time, ammonia production ceased due to a specific deficiency of glutamine in the cells, which finally led to cell lysis. The effective ammonia production period could be further extended either by adding a low amount of glutamine at the end of the 3- day period or by allowing the cells to recover for 8 h in the absence of MSX after every 48-h period in the presence of inhibitor. In this way, a steady production of ammonia lasting for at least 10 days was achieved. The MSX-treated cyanobacterial cells thus represent a system relatively stable with time for the conversion of light energy into chemical energy through the photoreduction of nitrate to ammonia.
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