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La transversalidad curricular en el contexto de la enseñanza superior


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Título alternativo: Curriculum transversality in the higher education context
Author: Fernández Batanero, José María
Velasco Redondo, Nerva
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Didáctica y Organización Educativa
Date: 2003
Published in: Agenda Académica, 10 (2), 61-70
Document type: Article
Abstract: La idea de una enseñanza de calidad que satisfaga a los usuarios del sistema universitario es el entandarte del nuevo modelo de Universidad del siglo XXI. Afrontar este nuevo reto es asumir la existencia de elementos y situaciones que requieren ca...
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The idea of a high quality education that satisfies all the users of the educational system is the goal of the new model of the XXI century university. Aproaching this new challenge is asuming the existence of elements and situations that require multiple changes and an innovative position through the system improvement. Different methods adapted to several and particular situations, interests and learning rithm have to be offered. This article aims to bring some keys that allow to improve learning and teaching processes in the context of the higher education, where “transversality”, understood as a strategy of the teacher role, it is a tool that connects learning of contents to learning of procedures and strategies, in order to learn more and better. The establishment of links between the academic and the natural learning will improve student learning and therefore the educational quality.
Cite: Fernández Batanero, J.M. y Velasco Redondo, N. (2003). La transversalidad curricular en el contexto de la enseñanza superior. Agenda Académica, 10 (2), 61-70.
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