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Una ciencia etopoiética para la sociedad tecnocrática


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Título alternativo: An Etopoietic Science for a Technocratic Society
Author: Gramigna, Anita
Date: 2012
Published in: Argumentos de Razón Técnica, 2012, (15): 55-80
Document type: Article
Abstract: La relación ciencia-sociedad-tecnología, es muy densa en implicaciones éticas por la influencia recíproca de los tres términos en ella implicados. Una influencia que hace evidente una actitud recursiva porque tal relación, dialógicamente constitutiv...
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Science-Technology-Society relationship implies a lot of issues. The mutual influence of these three elements involves a recursive relation, because such a relation –ontological and dynamical at the same time- conditions behavior, social imaginery, cognitive approaches, and values. In two words, it conditions our view of the world. This relationship represents an epistemic link because it includes both the structure of technology derived from science and the structure of society. Consequently, it refers so much to processes of knowledge elaboration as dynamical relations in society. This phenomenon has important effects on the power of manipulating reality. Therefore, it points to the question of the responsibility of subject, and so to Ethics as a central issue. Thus, it seems clear the necessity of a new formative proposal for society.
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