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    Weakly well-composed cell complexes over nD pictures  [Article]

    Boutry, Nicolas; González Díaz, Rocío; Jiménez Rodríguez, María José (Elsevier, 2019)
    In previous work we proposed a combinatorial algorithm to \locally repair" the cubical complex Q(I) that is canonically ...
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    On the r-dynamic coloring of subdivision-edge coronas of a path  [Article]

    Nandini, G.; Venkatachalam, M.; Falcón Ganfornina, Raúl Manuel (AIMS Press, 2020)
    This paper deals with the r-dynamic chromatic number of the subdivision-edge corona of a path and exactly one of the ...
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    A network approach to analyze neuronal lineage and layer innervation in the Drosophila optic lobes  [Article]

    Valle Rodríguez, Alberto del; Cera López, Martín; Portillo Fernández, José Ramón (Public Library of Science, 2020)
    The optic lobes of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster form a highly wired neural network composed of roughly 130.000 ...
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    Solidarity Behaviour for Optimizing the Waste Selective Collection  [Article]

    Barrena, Eva; Canca Ortiz, José David; Ortega Riejos, Francisco Alonso; Piedra de la Cuadra, Ramón (International Information and Engineering Technology Association, 2020)
    The problem of managing selective collection of waste using containers inside historic city centres can be performed in ...
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    On the r-dynamic coloring of the direct product of a path with either a path or a cycle  [Article]

    Deepa, T.; Venkatachalam, M.; Falcón Ganfornina, Raúl Manuel (AIMS Press, 2020)
    In this paper, we determine explicitly the r-dynamic chromatic number of the direct product of any given path with either a path or a cycle. Illustrative examples are shown for each one of the cases that are studied throughout the paper.
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    Algebras de Lie Filiformes de Máxima Longitud  [Article]

    Gómez, J. R.; Jiménez Merchán, Antonio; Reyes, J. (Universidad de Extremadura, 2001)
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    Multilayer models for shallow two-phase debris flows with dilatancy effects  [Article]

    Garres Díaz, José; Bouchut, F.; Fernández Nieto, Enrique Domingo; Mangeney, A.; Narbona Reina, Gladys (Elsevier, 2020)
    We present here a multilayer model for shallow grain-fluid mixtures with dilatancy effects. It can be seen as a generalization ...
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    Digitization  [Article]

    González Díaz, Rocío; Stelldinger, Peer; Latecki, Longin Jan (Springer, 2020)
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    Computing autotopism groups of partial Latin rectangles: A pilot study  [Article]

    Stones, Rebecca J.; Falcón Ganfornina, Raúl Manuel; Kotlar, Daniel; Marbach, Trent G. (Wiley, 2019)
    Computing the autotopism group of a partial Latin rectangle can be performed in a variety of ways. This pilot study has ...
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    Quasi-free divisors and duality  [Article]

    Castro Jiménez, Francisco Jesús; Ucha Enríquez, José María (Elsevier, 2004)
    We prove a duality theorem for some logarithmic D-modules associated with a class of divisors. We also give some results for the locally quasi-homogeneous case.
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    On some D-modules in dimension 2  [Article]

    Castro Jiménez, Francisco Jesús; Ucha Enríquez, José María (Cornell University, 2000)
    We prove a duality formula for two D-modules arising from logarithmic derivations w.r.t. a plane curve. As an application we give a differential proof of a logarithmic comparison theorem in [4].
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    Logarithmic Comparison Theorem and some Euler homogeneous free divisors  [Article]

    Castro Jiménez, Francisco Jesús; Ucha Enríquez, José María (American Mathematical Society, 2005)
    Let D, x be a free divisor germ in a complex manifold X of dimension n > 2. It is an open problem to find out which are ...
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    Exact cost minimization of a series-parallel system  [Article]

    Castro Jiménez, Francisco Jesús; Gago Vargas, Manuel Jesús; Hartillo Hermoso, Isabel; Ucha Enríquez, José María (Cornell University, 2012)
    The redundancy allocation problem is formulated minimizing the design cost for a series-parallel system with multiple ...
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    Testing the Logarithmic Comparison Theorem for Free Divisors  [Article]

    Castro Jiménez, Francisco Jesús; Ucha Enríquez, José María (Taylor and Francis, 2004)
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    An exact algebraic ϵ-constraint method for bi-objective linear integer programming based on test sets  [Article]

    Hartillo Hermoso, Isabel; Jiménez Tafur, Haydee; Ucha Enríquez, José María (Elsevier, 2020)
    A new exact algorithm for bi-objective linear integer problems is presented, based on the classic - constraint method and ...
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    Boolean Functions and Permanents of Sylvester Hadamard Matrices  [Article]

    Armario Sampalo, José Andrés (MDPI, 2021-01-17)
    One of the fastest known general techniques for computing permanents is Ryser’s formula. On this note, we show that this ...
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    Pseudococyclic Partial Hadamard Matrices over Latin Rectangles  [Article]

    Falcón Ganfornina, Raúl Manuel; Álvarez, Víctor; Frau García, María Dolores; Gudiel Rodríguez, Félix; Güemes Alzaga, María Belén (MDPI [Commercial Publisher], 2021-01-06)
    The classical design of cocyclic Hadamard matrices has recently been generalized by means of both the notions of the cocycle ...
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    Simplicial-Map Neural Networks Robust to Adversarial Examples  [Article]

    Paluzo Hidalgo, Eduardo; González Díaz, Rocío; Gutiérrez Naranjo, Miguel Ángel; Heras, Jonathan (MDPI [Commercial Publisher], 2021-01-15)
    Broadly speaking, an adversarial example against a classification model occurs when a small perturbation on an input data ...
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    Neural-Network-Based Curve Fitting Using Totally Positive Rational Bases  [Article]

    González Díaz, Rocío; Mainardes, Emerson; Paluzo Hidalgo, Eduardo; Rubio Serrano, Beatriz (MDPI, 2020-12-10)
    This paper proposes a method for learning the process of curve fitting through a general class of totally positive rational ...
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    Planning Rapid Transit Networks  [Article]

    Laporte, Gilbert; Mesa López-Colmenar, Juan Antonio; Ortega Riejos, Francisco Alonso; Perea Rojas-Marcos, Federico (Elsevier, 2011)
    Rapid transit construction projects are major endeavours that require long-term planning by several players, including politicians, ...

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