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L’analisi dell’offerta turistica: lo structural equation model-pls


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Author: González Relaño, Reyes Manuela
Mangano, Stefania
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Geografía Física y Análisis Geográfico Regional
Date: 2016
Published in: Annali del Turismo, 1 (534), 11-32.
Document type: Article
Abstract: Analysis of tourist offer: Structural Equation Model-PLS.- In this paper, we have made a broad examination of high impact factor scientific publication connected to the application of Structural Equation Model-PLS methodology to tourism. The main objectives of this work are: a) verify if and how the SEM-PLS methodology was applied to tourism studies, more specifically to tourist hospitality; b) carry out an analysis of international scientific literature to identify the main sources as well as the principal authors; c) identify the main latent variables used in tourist hospitality studies. The application of SEM-PLS methodology to hospitality shows that it is an appropriate research method to measure and create a scientific model. It explains how the tangible and the intangible variables are involved in the tourist hospitality sector. These analysis are the starting point for a comparative study to be carried out in Italy and Spain.
Cite: González Relaño, R.M. y Mangano, S. (2016). L’analisi dell’offerta turistica: lo structural equation model-pls. Annali del Turismo, 1 (534), 11-32.
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