Opened Access On making a graph crossing-critical
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Author: Hernández Vélez, César Israel
Leaños Macías, Jesús
Coordinator/Director: Díaz Báñez, José Miguel
Garijo Royo, Delia
Márquez Pérez, Alberto
Urrutia Galicia, Jorge
Date: 2013
Published in: XV Spanish Meeting on Computational Geometry (2013), p 115-118
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: A graph is crossing-critical if its crossing number decreases when we remove any of its edges. Recently it was proved that if a non-planar graph G is obtained by adding an edge to a cubic polyhedral (planar 3-connected) graph, then G can be made crossingcritical by a suitable multiplication of its edges. Here we show: (i) a new family of graphs that can be transformed into crossing-critical graphs by a suitable multiplication of its edges, and (ii) a family of graphs that cannot be made crossing-critical by any multiplication of its edges.
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