Opened Access Low-lying states in 8B
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Author: Mitchell, J. P.
Rogachev, G. V.
Johnson, E. D.
Baby, L. T.
Kemper, K. W.
Moro Muñoz, Antonio Matías
Peplowski, P. N.
Volya, A. S.
Wiedenhöver, I.
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Física Atómica, Molecular y Nuclear
Date: 2010
Published in: Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 82 (1), 011601-1-011601-5.
Document type: Article
Abstract: Excitation functions of elastic and inelastic 7Be + p scattering were measured in the energy range between 1.6 and 2.8 MeV in the c.m. An R-matrix analysis of the excitation functions provides strong evidence for new positive parity states in 8B. A new 2+ state at an excitation energy of 2.55 MeV was observed, and a new 0+ state at 1.9 MeV is tentatively suggested. The R-matrix and time-dependent continuum shell model were used in the analysis of the excitation functions. The new results are compared to the calculations of contemporary theoretical models.
Cite: Mitchell, J.P., Rogachev, G.V., Johnson, E.D., Baby, L.T., Kemper, K.W., Moro Muñoz, A.M.,...,Wiedenhöver, I. (2010). Low-lying states in 8B. Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, 82 (1), 011601-1-011601-5.
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