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Opened Access N-acetyl-2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-N-benzyl-β-D-glucopyranosylamine
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Author: Diánez Millán, María Jesús
Estrada de Oya, María Dolores
López Castro, Amparo
Pérez Garrido, Simeón
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Física de la Materia Condensada
Date: 1997
Published in: Acta Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications, 53 (3), 378-379.
Document type: Article
Abstract: The solid-state conformation of the title compound, C23H29NOIo, has been unequivocally established. The configuration at C 1 is/3-D-glucopyranose and the pyranose ring is essentially a perfect chair. Only the E rotamer along the N---C bond is observed
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