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Coleccionismo y patronazgo artístico femenino en la sevilla de finales del siglo XVIII


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Título alternativo: Female collections and artistic patronage in Seville at the end of the 18th century
Author: Illán Martín, Magdalena
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Historia del Arte
Date: 2007
Published in: Arte, poder y sociedad y otros estudios sobre Extremadura
ISBN/ISSN: 978-84-611-6679-4
Document type: Chapter of Book
Abstract: Este artículo tiene como objetivo llamar la atención sobre el escasamente conocido papel que las mujeres han desarrollado en el ámbito del coleccionismo, patronazgo y mecenazgo artístico. Aunque los estudios existentes hayan centrado de manera exclu...
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The present article’s main objective is to attract the reader’s attention upon the scarcely known role that women have played in the field of collecting, patronage and artistic maecenatism. Although the existing studies have based, almost exclusively, its attention on the relationship between Art and the most powerful social sectors -mainly men and nobility and high bourgeoisie- nevertheless, recent investigations are tending to carry out more varied studies, where contributions coming from traditionally marginal social figures, such as women and less powerful social classes, occupy an important place. Basing our study on numerous documents proceeding from dowrying letters, wills and certificates of donations placed in the Seville of the last quarter of the eighteenth century, we will rescue from oblivion the name of such women who developed an intense activity as patrons, collectors and donors and whose traces are still present nowadays.
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