Opened Access Mutation Based Testing of P Systems
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Author: Ipate, Florentin
Gheorgue, Marian
Date: 2009
Published in: Proceedings of the Seventh Brainstorming Week on Membrane Computing, vol.I, 232-245. Sevilla, E.T.S. de Ingeniería Informática, 2-6 de Febrero, 2009
ISBN/ISSN: 9788461328369
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: Although testing is an essential part of software development, until recently, P system testing has been completely neglected. Mutation testing (mutation analysis) is a structural software testing method which involves modifying the program in small ways. Mutation analysis has been largely used in white-box testing, but only a few tentative attempts to use this idea in black-box testing have been reported in the literature. In this paper, we provide a formal way of generating mutants for systems specified by context- free grammars. Furthermore, the paper shows how the proposed method can be used to construct mutants for a P system specification, thus making a significant progress in the area of P system testing
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