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Towards a Causal Semantics for Brane Calculi


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Author: Busi, Nadia
Date: 2007
Published in: Proceedings of the Fifth Brainstorming Week on Membrane Computing, 97-111. Sevilla, E.T.S. de Ingeniería Informática, 29 de Enero-2 de Febrero, 2007
ISBN/ISSN: 9788461167760
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: Brane Calculi are a family of biologically inspired process calculi, proposed in [6] to model the interactions of dynamically nested membranes. We propose a semantics that describes the causal dependencies occurring between the reactions of a system described in Brane Calculi. We investigate the basic properties that are satisfied by such a semantics. The notion of causality turns out to be quite relevant for biological systems, as it permits to point out which events occurring in a biological pathway are necessary for another event to happen.
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