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Dynamical Probabilistic P Systems: Definitions and Applications


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Author: Pescini, Dario
Besozzi, Daniela
Zandron, Claudio
Mauri, Giancarlo
Date: 2005
Published in: Proceedings of the Third Brainstorming Week on Membrane Computing, 275-287. Sevilla, E.T.S. de Ingeniería Informática, 31 de Enero-4 de Febrero, 2005,
ISBN/ISSN: 84-609-6771-9
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: We introduce dynamical probabilistic P systems, a variant where probabilities associated to the rules change during the evolution of the system, as a new approach to the analysis and simulation of the behavior of complex systems. We define the notions for the analysis of the dynamics and we show some applications for the investigation of the properties of the Brusselator (a simple scheme for the Belousov-Zabothinskii reaction), the Lotka-Volterra system and the decay process.
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