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      Nature of the "Z"-phase in layered Na-ion battery cathodes  [Article]

      Somerville, James W.; Sobkowiak, Adam; Tapia-Ruiz, Nuria; Billaud, Juliette; Lozano Suárez, Juan Gabriel; House, Robert A.; Gallington, Leighanne C.; Ericsson, Tore; Häggström, Lennart; Roberts, Matthew R.; Maitra, Urmimala; Bruce, Peter G. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2019-05-17)
      Layered sodium transition metal oxides with the P2 structure, e.g. Na2/3[Ni1/3Mn2/3]O2, are regarded as candidates for Na-ion battery cathodes. On charging, extraction of Na destabilizes the P2 phase (ABBA oxide ion stacking) ...