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    Electronic marketing potentials  [Presentation]

    Kříž, Jiří; Dvořák, Jiří (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    Marketing is an operative process of specifying, forecasting and satisfying customers needs along with generating profit. The privilege of success in times when marketing has become a luxury matter, is also for marketing ...
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    Seasonal pattern in the tourist Spanish sector  [Presentation]

    López-Bonilla, Jesús Manuel; López-Bonilla, Luis Miguel; Sanz Altamira, Borja (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    The seasonal variations materialize in different ways in the destinations. In this paper we try to analyze the seasonal typology that differs in the Spanish territory, especially, we refer to the Autonomous Communities. ...
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    Results of trends research development  [Presentation]

    Němeček, Petr; Zich, Robert (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    Within the framework of determined basic objective was more specific focus on the field of management, ownership structure, financial control, logistics and manufacturing control, marketing, education and risk management. ...
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    Dealing with paradox -historical tourism in a non- touristic city: the case of Santiponce vs. Italica (Spain)  [Presentation]

    Castellanos Verdugo, Mario; Moreno Menéndez, Ana María; Oviedo García, María de los Ángeles (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    In this ongoing research, we focus our attention in the origin and state of art in the analysis of local tourist sector potentialities4 in the municipality of Santiponce (Sevilla). This research is a consequence of the ...
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    Complex tasks in decision making versus economic theory  [Presentation]

    Mezník, Ivan (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    Economics provides natural situations for complex tasks in decision making. A complex task starts with an empirical investigation, continues by creating an economic model using mathematical modelling and ends with a ...
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    Basic approaches to company performance measurements  [Presentation]

    Bartoš, Vojtěch (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    One of the most important management tools are the systems used to measure company efficiency. In the arena of global competition and constant environmental changes, the focus is permanently looking at the future - ...
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    The internationalization of family business: a conceptual proposal  [Presentation]

    Casillas Bueno, José Carlos; Acedo González, Francisco José (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    Internationalization means, for most firms, one of the main challenges that organizations must face in order to assure their survival in a global and complex environment. When looking at the family firms, this challenge ...
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    Development of the crude oil prices and the stock market  [Presentation]

    Torre Gallegos, Antonio de la (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    In this paper we analyze the development of the Crude Oil Prices and the Stock Market since the decade of the 70´s. We identify the cycles and the upward and downward phases of these series and analyze a number of their ...
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    Top management team heterogeneity and firm performance  [Presentation]

    Díaz Fernández, María del Carmen (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    At this research will try to analyze the direct relation that the Upper Echelons Theory establishes between the diversity of the demographic characteristics of the top management teams and the performance. As Hambrick ...
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    The relationship between tourist companies organizational culture and their competitiveness. A study on first class hotels in the Costa del Sol  [Presentation]

    Martín Rojo, Inmaculada (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    The present paper shows the conclusions of a research carried out on a representative sample of first class hotels in the Costa del Sol (an outstanding touristic region in Spain). The Organizational Culture of this group ...
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    Top management teams in the Spanish global business environment: an empirical study  [Presentation]

    Díaz Fernández, María del Carmen; Gallego Agueda, María Ángeles (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    The use of top management teams is expanding in response to the turbulence and complexity of the global business environment (Cohen and Bailey, 1997). To perform well among growing competition greater efficiency is ...
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    Security management as a part of an it firm  [Presentation]

    Koch, Miloš; Dydowicz, Petr (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    Security of information system being an integral part of a firm or organization must not be considered only from a technical point of view. The security of an IS is therefore understood as multi-level process that should ...
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    The connection between management and strategy: an exploratory study  [Presentation]

    Domínguez de la Concha-Castañeda, Marta (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    There exists a lot of controversy about the actual ability of managers to influence their business. In this situation, the analysis of the consequences of managerial changes regarding the strategy of the company can help ...
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    Impact of life cycle on strategic environmental management of the company  [Presentation]

    Kocmanová, Alena (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    Consideration of the environmental protection requests a number of changes from each individual company which must concern not only specific corrective actions of usually technical and technological character, but ...
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    Advanced decision making tools in the production company  [Presentation]

    Videcká, Zdeňka (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    Today’s companies collect a large amount of operational data relating to all kinds of activities. This data holds and hides the experience of company’s history. The impact of “flood of data” perform unsafe situation. If ...
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    The internationalisation of SMEs in the environment of globalisation from the barriers point of view  [Presentation]

    Šimberová, Iveta (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    A greater part of both international and national literature on internationalization SMEs and final theoretical models are derived from foreign activities of big companies. Scientists’ attention has been drawn to the ...
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    Reformulating international pricing: standardization vs. adaptation  [Presentation]

    Rondán Cataluña, Francisco Javier; García Cruz, Rosario (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    We have carried out a deep analysis (using of a meta-analytical approach) of the Literature published in relation to international pricing. We have formulated a series of theoretical propositions that we have contrasted ...
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    Main characteristics of spanish tourist firms in 2002  [Presentation]

    Quirós Tomás, Francisco Javier (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    This paper aim is the analysis of some of the more important facts related with Spanish tourist sector in the year 2002. Number of companies and their legal condition and size, number of premises, number of workers and ...
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    Cost reduction and continuous improvement: a longitudinal case study  [Presentation]

    Escobar Pérez, Bernabé; González González, José María; Lobo Gallardo, Antonio (Universidad de Sevilla, 2005)
    In today’s environment one of the top priorities for organizations is to costs without affecting dramatically organization survival. Therefore, the aim of this paper is provide evidence on (1) the importance of Management ...