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    El don y la deuda  [Article]

    Rojas Parada, Pedro (Universidad de Sevilla, 1992)
    This article, which takes its starting-point from a book by M. Zarader (La dette impensée, Seuil, Paris, 1990) dealing with the relationship between Heidegger and Jewish thought, is an attempt to reflect on "double bind ...
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    Tras las huellas de Sileno. Imágenes del conocer  [Article]

    Pérez de Tudela Velasco, Jorge (Universidad de Sevilla, 1992)
    The purpose of this paper is to appeal, even though quite shortly, to sorne of the problematic dimensions involved in a cognitive capacity certainly enigmatic: the power of remaking the stream of experience, concluding, ...
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    Mundo y acción comunicativa según Habermas  [Article]

    Montero, Fernando (Universidad de Sevilla, 1992)
    The "anchoring" of the economic and política! systems to the world of life and its "colonization". Its structural components: Cultural-objective world, social world and personal world. Significative nature of the world of ...
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    Razón e historia en L. Geymonat  [Article]

    Minués, Carlos (Universidad de Sevilla, 1992)
    The article stresses the rationalist attitude of L. Geymonat, integrating it within a conception of rationalism which may be termed enlightened. His thought evolves from logical-formalist to dialectic positions. In this ...
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    Libertad inalienable y democracia utópica en Rousseau  [Article]

    López Castellón, Enrique (Universidad de Sevilla, 1992)
    The fundamental convention, which Rousseau calls "the social contract", is that which creates the state. He tells us that the question of its historical origin is unanswerable, and propases to discuss its legitimacy. The ...
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    ¿Son los derechos humanos valores jurídicos?  [Article]

    Herrera Flores, Joaquín (Universidad de Sevilla, 1992)
    The purpose of this paper is to facilitate a wide, unfinished and flexible concept of Human Rights. Sorne philosphical questions shuould be resolved: 1. The concept of values, 2. The Objectivity of values; 3. The relations ...
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    Números, totalidades y análisis fenomenológico  [Article]

    García Baró, Miguel (Universidad de Sevilla, 1992)
    This study -the opening fragment of a forthcoming book entitled Categorías, intencionalidad y número- is divided into three clearly-distinct sections. The first is a commentary on the introduction to Husserl's On the concept ...
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    La comarca del extraño  [Article]

    Duque, Félix (Universidad de Sevilla, 1992)
    In the wake of the recent publication of Heidegger's posthumous writing Beitriige zur Philosophie, this paper offers a meditation about the sense of Western Civilization, after the Second World War, seen as the manifestation ...
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    Individualidad romántica y pluralismo  [Article]

    Díaz Urmeneta, Juan José (Universidad de Sevilla, 1992)
    In the work of Sir Isaiah Berlín there is a significant thematic nucleus: the study of the origins of the Russian Intelligentsia. Within this framework are forged sorne of the central ideas of Professor Berlin's particular ...
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    Paisaje tras la estival batalla  [Article]

    Díaz, Carlos (Universidad de Sevilla, 1992)
    Present-day academic philosophy is frequently centered round a language which, far from serving as a vehicle for reality, is often entangled in fruitless complications. "Compulsive discourse-centrism" -as distinct from ...