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dc.creatorCarretero-Ayuso, Manuel Jesúses
dc.creatorAntón García, Danieles
dc.creatorFernández-Tapia, Enriquees
dc.creatorPinheiro-Alves, María Teresaes
dc.identifier.citationCarretero-Ayuso, M.J., Antón García, D., Fernández-Tapia, E. y Pinheiro-Alves, M.T. (2022). Using forensic reports to manage the probability of lawsuits being filed in relation to pitched roofs: the case of Madrid. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 1101 (5), 052028, 1-9.
dc.description.abstractRoofs are among the construction units in buildings with the highest number of deficiencies and problems. Given their direct and constant exposure to weather (temperature, wind, rain, snow...), even minor issues can lead to important pathology processes if not addressed early on. This research examines unresolved issues of pitched roofs in the capital of Spain which eventually led to the filing of lawsuits. Different types of deficiencies were detected (humidities, condensations, fissures...) and classified according to their recurrence. The thousands of pages of forensic reports presented to the courts were consulted and analysed to determine the probability/risk of recurrence, based on a number of factors. Among them is the causal origin (according to the properties/characteristics of the materials or to the placement/application conditions) and the respective building typologies (single-family houses or multi-storey buildings). The results that were obtained were calculated through weighted risk matrices of the existing interrelations, before determining the levels of joint severity and the classification categories according to the final operational
dc.relation.ispartofIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 1101 (5), 052028, 1-9.
dc.titleUsing forensic reports to manage the probability of lawsuits being filed in relation to pitched roofs: the case of Madrides
dc.contributor.affiliationUniversidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Expresión Gráfica e Ingeniería en la Edificaciónes
dc.contributor.groupUniversidad de Sevilla. TEP970: Innovación Tecnológica, Sistemas de Modelado 3D y Diagnosis Energética en Patrimonio y Edificaciónes
idus.validador.notaPor favor, comprueben que el PDF, de acceso abierto, puede ser depositado públicamente en idUSes
dc.journaltitleIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Sciencees
dc.publication.initialPage052028, 1es

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