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      Impacts of a Tracking and Tracing System for Containers in a Port-Based Supply Chain  [Article]

      Muñuzuri, Jesús; Onieva, Luis; Escudero Santana, Alejandro; Cortés, Pablo (Brazilian Association for Industrial Engineering and Operation Management, 2016)
      Purpose - Intermodal transport chains often appear as “black boxes” to the cargo owners and their clients, who lose track of the container until it arrives at the final end of the chain. The paper discusses why a tracking ...
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      Mathematical formulation and comparison of solution approaches for the vehicle routing problem with access time windows  [Article]

      Grosso-de la Vega, Rafael; Muñuzuri, Jesús; Escudero Santana, Alejandro; Barbadilla Martín, Elena (Wiley Hindawi Partnership, 2018)
      The application of the principles of sustainability to the implementation of urban freight policies requires the estimation of all the costs and externalities involved. We focus here on the case of access time windows, ...
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      Under which conditions is carrier cooperation possible? A case study in a Seville marketplace  [Article]

      Muñuzuri, Jesús; Escudero Santana, Alejandro; Aparicio Ruiz, Pablo (VGTU, 2018)
      The high volume of traffic originates two well-known problems in many cities: congestion and pollution. In recent years, a social phenomenon is emerging cooperation. This work is aimed at evaluating the circumstances under ...
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      Use of discrete choice to obtain urban freight evaluation data  [Article]

      Muñuzuri, Jesús; Guadix Martín, José; Cortés, Pablo; Onieva, Luis (TU Delft Open, 2016)
      The ex-ante evaluation of urban freight solutions is a complex task, due to the interference of different stakeholder groups with different views and objectives. The multi-actor multi-criteria methods have developed as a ...