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    Strategic view of an assets health index for making long-term decisions in different industries  [Chapter of Book]

    De la Fuente, A.; Guillén López, Antonio Jesús; Crespo Márquez, Adolfo; Sola Rosique, Antonio; Gómez Fernández, Juan Francisco; Moreu de León, Pedro; González-Prida, Vicente (CRC Press, 2018)
    An Asset Health Index (AHI) is a tool that processes data about asset’s condition. That index is intended to explore if alterations can be generated in the health of the asset along its life cycle. These data can be ...
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    Risk-Based Criticality for Network Utilities Asset Management  [Article]

    Gómez Fernández, Juan Francisco; Martínez-Galán, Pablo; Guillén López, Antonio Jesús; Crespo Márquez, Adolfo (IEEE, 2019)
    This paper describes the design and the implementation of a process of asset criticality analysis for Distribution Network Services Providers (DNSP), also named Network Utilities. The proposed method is based on two points: ...