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      A Domain Specific Visual Language for Modeling Power-Aware Reliability in Wireless Sensor Networks  [Presentation]

      Troya Castilla, Javier; Vallecillo Moreno, Antonio (ACM Digital Library, 2012)
      Reliability is an attribute that appears in all quality models, so it is important to take it into account when developing any kind of system. Its evaluation at latter stages of the software development may force the ...
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      A Hybrid Model for Dynamic Simulation of Custom Software Projects in a Multiproject Environment  [Presentation]

      Navascués, Javier; Ramos Román, Isabel; Toro Bonilla, Miguel (Springer, 2009)
      This paper describes SimHiProS, a hybrid simulation model of software production. The goal is to gain insight on the dynamics induced by resource sharing in multiproject management. In order to achieve it the hierarchy ...
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      A Model-Driven Engineering approach with Diagnosis of Non-Conformance of Security Objectives in Business Process Models  [Presentation]

      Varela Vaca, Ángel Jesús; Martínez Gasca, Rafael; Jiménez Ramírez, Andrés (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
      Several reports indicate that the highest business priorities include: business improvement, security, and IT management. The importance of security and risk management is gaining that even government statements in some ...
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      A Statistical Approach to URL-Based Web Page Clustering  [Presentation]

      Hernández Salmerón, Inmaculada Concepción; Rivero, Carlos R.; Ruiz Cortés, David; Corchuelo Gil, Rafael (ACM, 2012)
      Most web page classifiers use features from the page content, which means that it has to be downloaded to be classified. We propose a technique to cluster web pages by means of their URL exclusively. In contrast to other ...
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      Application of Things: A Step beyond Web of Things  [Presentation]

      Ortega Ramírez, Juan Antonio; Soria Morillo, Luis Miguel; Kröner, Alexander; Álvarez García, Juan Antonio (Springer, 2012)
      Internet of Things has achieved a great expectation in the last few years, largely due to possibilities in the field of the interaction between user and environment. This interaction allows users to get involved in their ...
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      Automated Analysis in Feature Modelling and Product Configuration  [Presentation]

      Benavides Cuevas, David Felipe; Felfernig, Alexander; Galindo Duarte, José Ángel; Reinfrank, Florian (Springer, 2013)
      The automated analysis of feature models is one of the thriving topics of research in the software product line and variability management communities that has attracted more attention in the last years. A recent ...
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      Automatic Test Case Generation from Functional Requirements in NDT  [Presentation]

      Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Javier Jesús; Aragón Serrano, Gustavo; Mejías Risoto, Manuel; Domínguez Mayo, Francisco José; Ruiz Cutilla, Carmen M. (Springer, 212)
      Navigational Development Techniques (NDT) is a Model-driven framework focused on defining Web requirements and obtaining related artefacts from them by means of transformations. Testing is one of the key elements in a ...
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      Comparing the Effectiveness of Equivalence Partitioning, Branch Testing and Code Reading by Stepwise Abstraction Applied by Subjects  [Presentation]

      Juristo, Natalia; Vegas, Sira; Solari, Martín; Abrahao, Silvia; Ramos Román, Isabel (IEEE Computer Society, 2012)
      Some verification and validation techniques have been evaluated both theoretically and empirically. Most empirical studies have been conducted without subjects, passing over any effect testers have when they apply ...
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      Concurrent Model Transformations with Linda  [Presentation]

      Burgueño, Loli; Troya Castilla, Javier; Vallecillo Moreno, Antonio (Sociedad de Ingeniería del Software y Tecnologías de Desarrollo del Software (SISTEDES), 2013)
      Nowadays, model transformations languages and engines use a sequential execution model. This is, only one execution thread deals with the whole transformation. However, model transformations dealing with very large ...
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      Contract-based test generation for data flow of business processes using constraint programming  [Presentation]

      Jiménez Ramírez, Andrés; Martínez Gasca, Rafael; Varela Vaca, Ángel Jesús (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
      The verification of the properties of a business process (BP) has become a significant research topic in recent years. In the early stages of development, the BP model (e.g. BPMN, EPC), the BP contract (task ...
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      Generating Multi-objective Optimized Business Process Enactment Plans  [Presentation]

      Jiménez Ramírez, Andrés; Barba Rodríguez, Irene; Valle Sevillano, Carmelo del; Weber, Barbara (Springer, 2013)
      Declarative business process (BP) models are increasingly used allowing their users to specify what has to be done instead of how. Due to their flexible nature, there are several enactment plans related to a specific ...
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      Generating Multi-objective Optimized Configurable Business Process Models  [Presentation]

      Jiménez Ramírez, Andrés; Barba Rodríguez, Irene; Valle Sevillano, Carmelo del; Weber, Barbara (IEEE Computer Society, 2012)
      The manual specification of imperative business process (BP) models can be very complex and time-consuming, potentially leading to non-optimized models or even errors. To support process analysts in the definition of ...
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      Integrating Heterogeneous Variability Modeling Approaches with Invar [Tool Demonstration]  [Presentation]

      Dhungana, Deepak; Seichter, Dominik; Botterweck, Goetz; Rabiser, Rick; Grünbacher, Paul; Benavides Cuevas, David Felipe; Galindo Duarte, José Ángel (ACM, 2013)
      There have been several proposals to describe the variability of software product lines by using modeling languages. In larger organizations or projects (e.g., multi product line environments) this can lead to a situation ...
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      Introducing Approximate Model Transformations  [Presentation]

      Troya Castilla, Javier; Vallecillo Moreno, Antonio (Universidad de Cádiz, 2014)
      Model transformations dealing with very large models need to count on mechanisms and tools to be able to manage them. The usual approach to improve performance in these cases has focused on the use of concurrency ...
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      Lightweight Testing of Communication Networks with e-Motions  [Presentation]

      Troya Castilla, Javier; Bautista, José M.; López Romero, Fernando; Vallecillo Moreno, Antonio (Springer, 2011)
      This paper illustrates the use of high-level domain specific models to specify and test some performance properties of complex systems, in particular Communication Networks, using a light-weight approach. By following ...
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      Mapping Agile Practices to CMMI-DEV Level 3 in Web Development Environments  [Presentation]

      Torrecilla Salinas, Carlos Joaquín; Sedeño, Jorge; Escalona Cuaresma, María José; Mejías Risoto, Manuel (Association for Information Systems, 2014)
      Agile approaches formally appeared ten years ago and nowadays are a valid alternative for organizations developing software. Agile methodologies are especially interesting to those developing Web environments applications, ...
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      Matching Business Process Workflows across Abstraction Levels  [Presentation]

      Castelo Branco, Moisés; Troya Castilla, Javier; Czarnecki, Krzysztof; Küster, Jochen; Völzer, Hagen (Springer, 2012)
      In Business Process Modeling, several models are defined for the same system, supporting the transition from business requirements to IT implementations. Each of these models targets a different abstraction level and ...
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      Mobile Architecture for Communication and Development of Applications Based on Context  [Presentation]

      Soria Morillo, Luis Miguel; Ortega Ramírez, Juan Antonio; González Abril, Luis; Álvarez García, Juan Antonio (Springer, 2011)
      The arrival of ubiquitous computing and the increasing use of mobile devices can geta lot of information about the user. This information is used by some applications to adapt its functionality to the user itself and the ...
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      On the Concurrent Execution of Model Transformations with Linda  [Presentation]

      Burgueño, Loli; Troya Castilla, Javier; Wimmer, Manuel; Vallecillo Moreno, Antonio (ACM Digital Library, 2013)
      Nowadays there exists a wide variety of model transforma-tion languages. However, all of them present limitations, mainly performance issues, when the complexity and size of model transformations and models grow. The ...
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      On the Modular Specification of NFPs: A Case Study  [Presentation]

      Moreno Delgado, Antonio; Troya Castilla, Javier; Durán, Francisco; Vallecillo Moreno, Antonio (Sociedad de Ingeniería del Software y Tecnologías de Desarrollo del Software (SISTEDES), 2013)
      The modular specification of non-functional properties of systems is a current challenge of Software Engineering, for which no clear solution exists. However, in the case of Domain-Specific Languages some successful ...