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      Wavelet and Neural Structure: A New Tool for Diagnostic of Power System Disturbances  [Article]

      Borrás Talavera, M. Dolores; Castilla Ibáñez, Manuel; Moreno-Alfonso, Narciso; Montaño Asquerino, Juan-Carlos (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2001)
      The Fourier transform can be used for analysis of nonstationary signals, but the Fourier spectrum does not provide any time-domain information about the signal. When the time localization of the spectral components is ...
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      Wavelet-Fourier analysis of electric signal disturbances  [Presentation]

      Montaño Asquerino, Juan-Carlos; Borrás Talavera, M. Dolores; Bravo-Rodríguez, Juan Carlos; Castilla Ibáñez, Manuel; López Ojeda, Antonio; Gutiérrez Benítez, Jaime (ICREPQ, 2007)
      The Fourier transform usually has been used in the past for analysis of stationary and periodic signals. Its interest is the knowledge of spectral components existing in a waveform; it doesn't matter the moment where they ...