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    Impacto poblacional de un programa de salud escolar podológica  [Article]

    Mahillo Durán, Ramón (Elsevier Doyma, 2016)
    Este trabajo presenta un resumen de lo realizado en los últimos 12 años de colaboración entre la comunidad escolar de varios centros de enseñanza primaria y secundaria y los/las responsables de las prácticas de la asignatura ...
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    Development and Validation of the Overall Foot Health Questionnaire for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Cross-Sectional Descriptive Analysis  [Article]

    Reina Bueno, María; González López, José Rafael; Munuera-Martínez, Pedro V. (MDPI, 2019)
    Background and Objectives: In general, patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are ignorant of the physician’s role and of RA-related feet problems. The aim of our study was to validate a questionnaire on the knowledge of ...
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    Footwear fit in schoolchildren of southern Spain: A population study  [Article]

    Córdoba Fernández, Antonio; González Elena, María Luisa (Springer Nature, 2019-05-10)
    Background: Recent studies support the theory that ill-fitting shoes are an important source of pain and may lead to foot malformations in the medium term. Taking as reference the ideal allowance considered in the literature, ...
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    Ciclo de mejora de fundamentos de Podología  [Article]

    Coheña Jiménez, Manuel (Universidad de Sevilla, 2018)
    El presente ciclo de mejora docente (CMD) se ha realizado en el alumnado de Grado de Podología de la Universidad de Sevilla, dentro de la asignatura de 1º curso “Fundamentos de Podología”. La temática abordada se centró ...
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    Innovación docente para el Prácticum II de podología general  [Article]

    Pérez Belloso, Ana Juana (Universidad de Sevilla, 2018)
    La aplicación del ciclo de mejora se ha realizado en una clase práctica de cinco horas de duración donde se han combinado sesiones clínicas y prácticas reales con pacientes. El mapa de contenidos se ha centrado en el ...
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    Static range of motion of the first metatarsal in the sagittal and frontal planes  [Article]

    Tavara-Vidalón, Sandra Priscila; Monge-Vera, Manuel Ángel; Lafuente-Sotillos, Guillermo; Domínguez-Maldonado, Gabriel; Munuera-Martínez, Pedro V. (MDPI, 2018-11-21)
    The first metatarsal and medial cuneiform form an important functional unit in the foot, called “first ray”. The first ray normal range of motion (ROM) is difficult to quantify due to the number of joints that are involved. ...
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    Medial deviation of the first metatarsal in incipient hallux valgus deformity  [Article]

    Munuera Martínez, Pedro Vicente; Domínguez Maldonado, Gabriel; Polo Padillo, Juan; Rebollo Roldán, Jesús (SAGE Journals, 2006)
    The intermetatarsal angle between metatarsals I and II (IMA 1-2) has been radiographicaly studied in 49 normal feet and in 49 feet with a mild hallux valgus (HV) deformity. The aim of the study is to know whether an excessive ...
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    Bipartite hallucal sesamoid bones: relationship with hallux valgus and metatarsal index  [Article]

    Munuera Martínez, Pedro Vicente; Domínguez Maldonado, Gabriel; Reina Bueno, María; Trujillo, Piedad (Springer, 2007)
    Objective. To relate the incidence of the partition of the hallucal sesamoid bones with the size of the first metatarsal and the hallux valgus deformity. Materials and Methods. In a sample of 474 radiographs, the frequency ...
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    Normal Values of Metatarsal Parabola Arch in Male and Female Feet  [Article]

    Domínguez Maldonado, Gabriel; Munuera Martínez, Pedro Vicente; Castillo López, José Manuel; Ramos Ortega, Javier (Hindawi, 2014)
    There is not any method to measure metatarsal protrusion in the whole metatarsal. The aim of this research is to know the normal metatarsal parabola in male and female feet. The system of measurement devised by Hardy and ...
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    The Tarsal Bone Test: A Basic Test of Health Sciences Students' Knowledge of Lower Limb Anatomy  [Article]

    Castillo López, José Manuel; Díaz Mancha, Juan Antonio; Heredia Rizo, Alberto Marcos; Fernández Seguín, Lourdes María; Polo Padillo, Juan; Domínguez Maldonado, Gabriel; Munuera Martínez, Pedro Vicente (Hindawi, 2014)
    Objectives. The aim of the present study was to design an easy-to-use tool, the tarsal bone test (TBT), to provide a snapshot of podiatry students’ basic anatomical knowledge of the bones of the lower limb. Methods. The ...