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      Disentangling the attention network test: behavioral, event related potentials, and neural source analyses  [Article]

      Galvao Carmona, Alejandro; González Rosa, Javier; Hidalgo Muñoz, Antonio Rafael; Páramo Camino, María Dolores; Benítez Lugo, María Luisa; Izquierdo Ayuso, Guillermo; Vázquez Marrufo, Manuel (Frontiers Media, 2014)
      Background: The study of the attentional system remains a challenge for current neuroscience. The “Attention Network Test” (ANT) was designed to study simultaneously three different attentional networks (alerting, orienting, ...
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      Retest reliability of individual alpha ERD topography assessed by human electroencephalography  [Article]

      Vázquez Marrufo, Manuel; Galvao Carmona, Alejandro; Benítez Lugo, María Luisa; Ruiz Peña, Juan L.; Borges Guerra, Mónica; Izquierdo Ayuso, Guillermo (Public Library of Science, 2017-10-31)
      Background Despite the immense literature related to diverse human electroencephalographic (EEG) parameters, very few studies have focused on the reliability of these measures. Some of the most studied components (i.e., ...