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      Calderon and Wycherley's Dancing-Masters  [Chapter of Book]

      Rodríguez Loro, Nora (Universidad de Alcalá, 2015)
      Wycherley’s second comedy, "The Gentleman Dancing-Master," is loosely based uponthe central plot of Pedro Calderón’s "El maestro de danzar," which is adapted to produce a comedy of wit in line with the theatrical fashions ...
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      Sedley's "The Mulberry Garden" (1668) and the Genre of the Dramatic Dedication  [Chapter of Book]

      Rodríguez Loro, Nora (Universidad de Deusto, 2016)
      The dedication of playtexts was a common practice during the Restoration since it might offer playwrights many advantages, including access to the patron’s network of connections. Authors, therefore, assumed a lowly stand ...